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Snoh Aalegra: Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies review – inventive R&B with retro charm

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In a fractured, social media-fuelled music landscape, few things are more valuable to an emerging artist than a co-sign from a superstar. That bodes well for Snoh Aalegra, a Swedish-born, LA-based singer with collabor...

Native children didn’t ‘lose’ their lives at residential schools. Their lives were stolen

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We’d all heard the stories, long before they started to receive this summer’s 24/7 coverage by every news station in Canada. Long before ground-penetrating radars confirmed the presence of unmarked graves, we knew tha...

Violet Evergarden: The Movie review – a breathtaking return for Kyoto Animation

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The first film completed by Kyoto Animation after the arson attack in 2019, this carries a lot of emotional weight both on and off-screen. Starting out as a “light novel”, Violet Evergarden was later adapted into an a...