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Fifa opens cases against three Russian players for suspected doping violations

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Fifa has opened disciplinary cases against three Russian footballers for suspected doping violations in 2013, the Russian Football Union reportedly said on Monday. The report from the Interfax news agency did not iden...

EU sanctions Nicaragua’s first lady and vice-president over human rights violations

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The European Union has slapped sanctions on Nicaragua’s first lady and Vice-President Rosario Murillo and seven other senior officials accused of serious human rights violations or undermining democracy, amid a sweepi...

Die Amerikaanse afrigter Alberto Salazar verloor appèl teen dopingoortredings

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Alberto salazar, die Amerikaanse afrigter wat Mo Farah na vier Olimpiese goue medaljes en ses wêreldtitels gelei het, na bewering sy appèl teen 'n reeks dopingoortredings verloor het. Salazar het belowe om syne skoon te maak ...