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Kroasië het die regte van Afghaanse meisie geskend wat per trein vermoor is, hofreëls

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Na vier jaar se regstryd, die Europese hof vir menseregte (EVRM) het beslis dat die Kroatiese polisie verantwoordelik was vir die dood van 'n sesjarige Afghaanse meisie toe hulle haar gesin gedwing het om na Serwië terug te keer..

‘I felt violated by the demand to undress’: three Muslim women on France’s hostility to the hijab

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Last October, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, laid out the vision behind a new, deeply controversial bill. The government claimed a minority of France’s estimated 6 million Muslims were at risk of forming a “co...

SEC watchdog says two Elon Musk tweets violated settlement agreement

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The US securities watchdog told Tesla last year that CEO Elon Musk had twice violated a settlement requiring his tweets to be preapproved by company lawyers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. Musk and the U...

GCHQ’s mass data-sharing violated right to privacy, hofreëls

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GCHQ’s methods for bulk interception of online communications violated the right to privacy and the regime for collection of data was “not in accordance with the law”, the grand chamber of the European court of human ...

Lakers’ LeBron James violated Covid protocols by attending event, NBA says

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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James violated the NBA’s health and safety protocols when he attended a promotional event this week, according to ESPN. The event, an outdoor photo shoot for a tequila brand James has an...

China reports Australia to UN body over ‘violatedhuman rights

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China has said it is “deeply concerned” by what it described as the Australian government’s operation of offshore detention centres, and has called for the sites to be closed immediately. Ties between the two countrie...