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Armstrong blasts Southampton to victory to increase Aston Villa’s woes

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There were a couple of times in this game when a fidgeting Dean Smith took a hurried glance at his watch and, after a fifth successive Premier League defeat, the Aston Villa hierarchy must decide whether to stick or t...

Danny Ings’ spectacular volley lights up Aston Villa’s win over Newcastle

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Danny Ings’s exemplary overhead kick was a goal worthy of winning any game but Aston Villa’s victory was secured by two VAR decisions that went against Newcastle United. The former Southampton striker, signed for a qu...

Ezri Konsa’s double sinks Leicester to continue Aston Villa’s ascent

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A combination of Villa Park’s frenzy at Jacob Ramsey’s disallowed goal on the stroke of half-time and a dressing-room dressing-down from Steven Gerrard enabled Aston Villa to continue their revival under their new man...

Aston Villa’s much-coveted Carney Chukwuemeka will not sign new deal

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Carney Chukwuemeka will not sign a new contract at Aston Villa, putting England’s biggest clubs on alert, including Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool. The 18-year-old midfielder, rated as one of England...

Aston Villa’s Ashley Young: ‘I think we can definitely reach Europe’

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Ashley Young had dreams when he joined Watford as a 10-year-old but it is fair to say he did not envisage returning to Vicarage Road 26 years later as the only Englishman to have won the league in England and Italy. “...

Aston Villa’s Kortney Hause wins it as Manchester United blow penalty

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Breathless and riveting: Manchester United and Aston Villa put on a show that was half-football, half-basketball and which ended with the surreal sight of Bruno Fernandes hacking over an added-time penalty that would ...

Neoclassical villas restored to echo their stunning setting

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In Italy, we call them boccalone,” explains Gemma Richards. “I’m going to have to look up the English…” The phone goes silent for some time before she picks up the receiver again. “Largemouth bass!” she exclaims. Thes...