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Manchester City v Aston Villa: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Last May, 12 of us used to rent a Greek villa for a fortnight in August. We paid the €4,435 cost in full and booked flights and hire cars. Recently informed us that there had been a pricing er...

Activists occupy luxury Biarritz villa owned by Putin’s ex-son-in-law

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Two Russian activists have broken into and occupied a luxury villa in Biarritz owned by Vladimir Putin’s former son-in-law. Pierre Haffner, of the Svoboda Liberté Association, whose blog appears on the Mediapart news ...

Chelsea’s Sam Kerr breaks Aston Villa at the last to boost WSL title tilt

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In a week laced with drama and turmoil off the pitch, Chelsea were able to do what they needed to in their pursuit of Arsenal, thanks to a 92nd-minute goal from the talismanic Sam Kerr. Zecira Musovic in Chelsea’s goa...

Friends lose £6,000 after Ibiza villa owner ‘disappears’

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A group of friends who lost more than £6,000 after the owner of the luxury Ibiza villa they had booked on Vrbo “disappeared” say the company’s “book with confidence guarantee” turned out to be hopeless. Elaine Forth, ...

Trippier’s free-kick against Aston Villa earns third straight win for Newcastle

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As Eddie Howe ran out of Newcastle players to embrace and, wreathed in smiles, finally walked off the pitch, he looked up towards the directors’ box and blew his wife a kiss. If she had not already realised it, this w...

Newcastle 1-0 Aston Villa: Premierliga - soos dit gebeur het

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Ollie Watkins had a Villa equaliser narrowly ruled out by VAR as Newcastle climbed four points clear of the drop zone

The princess and the Caravaggio: bitter dispute rages over Roman villa

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As legend goes, tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain guarantees a return visit to Rome. Wanneer, as a 16-year-old American tourist, Rita Carpenter participated in the ritual and made a wish to one day marry a Roman and...

Manchester United v Aston Villa: FA Cup third round – live!

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Everton 2-3 Brighton, Leeds 3-1 Burnley, Brentford 2-1 Aston Villa: Premier League clockwatch – as it happened

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Brighton edged a thriller, Brentford did a smash and grab job, while Leeds put Burnley further into trouble

Norwich City v Aston Villa: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Liverpool v Aston Villa, Chelsea v Leeds: sokkerhorlosie - regstreeks!

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Manchester City se Bernardo Silva gee die eerste nederlaag aan Gerrard by Aston Villa

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Manchester City se sesde agtereenvolgende oorwinning is afkomstig van 'n skitterende Bernardo Silva-doel wat kwaliteit van begin tot einde uitgestraal het.. Dit was ook Pep Guardiola se 150ste Premierliga-oorwinning, in 'n rekord behaal 204 ...

Argeoloë ondersoek Romeinse villa wat onder Rutland-boer se veld ontdek is

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Dit was 'n gesinswandeling deur velde tydens inperking verlede jaar wat gelei het tot 'n "o wow oomblik": die ontdekking van 'n Romeinse villakompleks wat 'n seldsame mosaïek bevat wat Homeros se The Ilias uitbeeld, nou gedink om een ​​van die ...

Southampton teen Aston Villa: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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