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Weerhorlosie: sea rises threaten low-lying land in Vietnam

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Long and narrow, stretching from 9 aan 23 degrees north of the equator, Vietnam is situated totally within the tropics. Like many countries in south-east Asia, it has a monsoon climate, with two distinct seasons, domin...

Coronavirus live nuus: Chili keur Sinovac goed vir kinders van ses en ouer; Viëtnam sit 'n man wat die kwarantyn oortree het, in die tronk

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Chili is die eerste land in Latyns -Amerika wat die Covid -entstof vir kinders van ses en ouer goedkeur; Viëtnam vonnis die man wat Covid aan minstens agt mense oorgedra het

Vietnam discovers new hybrid Covid variant, state media reports

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Vietnam has discovered a new Covid-19 variant which spreads quickly by air and is a combination of strains first identified in India and the UK, state media has reported. The country is struggling to deal with fresh o...

Coronavirus news: expert warns against lifting England restrictions too soon; Vietnam detects hybrid of UK and India variants

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Victoria records five new cases of Covid-19 taking Melbourne outbreak to 35; UK MPs urge action to save music festivals from another ‘lost summer’