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YouTube Kids shows videos promoting drug culture and firearms to toddlers

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YouTube is showing videos that promote skin-bleaching, weight loss, drug culture and firearms to children as young as two, a new investigation of the company’s “Kids” app has found. YouTube Kids, an app and website re...

Grant Shapps under fire for bizarre videos and ‘zero interest’ in railways

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He’s the unflappable frontman and loyal defender of the errant “big dog” in Downing Street. Through the lens of Conservative politics, the transport secretary Grant Shapps is on a winning streak. But as crisis looms i...

Eerste Groep uitvoerende hoof bedank ná aandeelhouersdruk. Eerste Groep uitvoerende hoof bedank ná aandeelhouersdruk

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Eerste Groep uitvoerende hoof bedank ná aandeelhouersdruk. Eerste Groep uitvoerende hoof bedank ná aandeelhouersdruk. Eerste Groep uitvoerende hoof bedank ná aandeelhouersdruk. Eerste Groep uitvoerende hoof bedank ná aandeelhouersdruk.

YouTube refuses to remove account of prisoner who films videos in his cell

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YouTube is refusing to delete the account of a serial offender who regularly posts videos from his prison cell and uses his channel to abuse judges, complain about his sentence and give details of drug-taking inside t...

John Barilaro tells court he felt ‘broken’ after Friendlyjordies videos appeared on YouTube

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Former New South Wales deputy premier John Barilaro was “broken” and “wanted to hide” during the state’s Delta outbreak due to the abuse from members of the public that followed a series of Friendlyjordies videos, a d...

John Barilaro ‘considered self-harm’ after FriendlyJordies YouTube videos, hof verhoor

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Former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro withdrew from public life and was “considering self-harm” after a series of YouTube videos by the comedian Jordan Shanks, a former adviser has told a court. Monday marked the fi...

Netflix’s Byron Baes cast appear to flout NSW Covid measures in Instagram videos

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Cast members of the Netflix reality series Byron Baes have posted videos to social media of people dancing to live music at a crowded Byron Bay venue in apparent contravention of New South Wales Covid measures. Two of...

The BBC’s Ros Atkins: ‘I do a bit of body-boarding… posting videos is like catching a wave’

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Ros Atkins, 47, grew up in Cornwall and the Caribbean before reading history at Cambridge. His BBC career began on Radio 5 Live shortly after 9/11. He now presents Outside Source on the BBC News Channel and recently w...

Bigfoot Hunters review – hipster Sasquatch hijinks lampooning Vice Media videos

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This passably funny mockumentary, which lampoons Vice Media’s gonzo-hipster journalism, could serve as a viable calling card for a bigger Hollywood comedy for writers Zach Lamplugh and Brian Emond, who also star (whil...

‘It spreads like a disease’: how pro-eating-disorder videos reach teens on TikTok

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Instagram has attracted a firestorm after whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed internal research showing the platform downplayed proof of its toxic effects – including the rise of eating disorders – on children. Maar ...

Openbaar gemaak: kinders teen nege jaar bekyk TikTok-video's teen entstowwe

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Leuens en samesweringsteorieë oor Covid-19, wat miljoene kyke gekry het en toeganklik is vir jong kinders, is al maande lank op die sosiale media -platform TikTok beskikbaar. TikTok -rekeninge met honderde ...

YouTube to remove misinformation videos about all vaccines

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YouTube is to remove videos that spread misinformation about all vaccines, as it steps up a crackdown on harmful content posted during the coronavirus pandemic. From Wednesday, the video streaming site, which has alre...

Britons spent third of time watching TV and online videos in 2020

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Britons spent a third of their waking hours watching TV or online videos in 2020, according to research from the media regulator Ofcom that shows how we were driven to our screens during the pandemic. The average UK r...

Wild reaction videos take the place of in-venue Olympic outpourings

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A huge wrench for many athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics is that, because of Covid restrictions, they are unable to have their friends and family cheering them on from the stands. Fortunately, in a connected so...

Aanhangers op busse en virale video's: sou Euro wen 2020 verander Engeland?

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'N Nuuskierige en vreemd ontroerende gesig het Donderdagoggend vroeg buite die Wembley-stadion voorgekom. Engeland se halfeindstryd teen Denemarke was langer as twee uur verby; die spelers het voltooi ...

French court convicts 11 of harassing teenager who posted anti-Islam videos

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A French court has convicted 11 people for harassing a teenager online over her anti-Islam videos in a case that has led to a fierce debate about free speech and the right to insult religions. The prosecutions were pa...

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