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‘The world must wake up’: António Guterres ‘sounds the alarm’ in UN speech – video

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The United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, painted a stark picture of unsustainable inequalities, runaway climate change and feckless leadership in a speech to the UN general assembly on Tuesday.'I’m here...

Lava fills swimming pool as La Palma eruption continues – video

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Drone footage captures the moment boiling lava seeps into a swimming pool on the Canary island of La Palma, as volcanic eruptions continue on the Spanish island forcing thousands to be evacuated. The island had been o...

Canada’s opposition leader concedes defeat after Trudeau victory – video

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Canada's opposition leader, Erin O’Toole, conceded defeat early on Tuesday, despite his Conservative party leading in the national popular vote.O’Toole's centrist campaign failed to persuade enough voters to toss out ...

Trudeau calls election victory ‘clear mandateto get Canada through pandemic – video

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Justin Trudeau has won a third term as Canada’s prime minister, with his Liberal party set to capture the most votes in the snap election, a result he called a 'clear mandate' to get the country through the Covid pand...

Reporter faces violence as construction workers protest vaccination mandate in Melbourne – video

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Hundreds of protesters march through Melbourne's CBD after Victoria’s construction industry was ordered to shut down. Among them are construction workers and, according to some reports, members of the far right. The s...

Developing world bears brunt of climate crisis, says Johnson – video

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Speaking to journalists in New York at the start of a three-day visit to the US, the UK prime minister urged developed countries to come forward with additional funding to help tackle the climate crisis. 'It is the de...

Emmys 2021: key moments from the ceremony – video

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Royal drama The Crown and feelgood comedy Ted Lasso were among the big winners at television's Emmy awards, a night dominated by streaming shows, British talent and rare wins by women. There were many triumphs for Bri...

‘Not yet’: Bolsonaro turns down Johnson’s call to get AstraZeneca vaccines – video

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The Brazilian president turned down Boris Johnson's call to ‘get AstraZeneca vaccines’ during a meeting in New York on Monday. The UK prime minister praised the vaccine, saying he had had it twice. En respuesta, Jair B...

Boris Johnson welcomes decision to open UK-US travel ‘in time for Thanksgiving’ - video

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Boris Johnson has welcomed the US decision to lift Covid-19 travel restrictions to allow fully vaccinated passengers from the UK and most EU countries to travel into the country from early November. The move signals t...

Ring Video Doorbell 4 revisión: pre-roll is a battery bell gamechanger

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The latest iteration of Amazon’s battery-powered Ring doorbell adds a new feature to capture the early details of events most competitors would miss without needing to be plugged in. The Ring Video Doorbell 4 costs £1...

Lava erupts from a volcano on La Palma in Spanish Canary Islands – video

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A volcano on the Atlantic island of La Palma erupted on Sunday after a week-long buildup of seismic activity, prompting authorities to speed up evacuations for some 1,000 gente. Footage obtained by the Associated Pre...

Afghan women stage protest in Kabul after Taliban crack down on women’s rights – video report

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More than a dozen women staged a protest in Kabul on Sunday, holding up signs calling for the participation of women in public life. The protest came as female government employees in Kabul were told to stay home, ingenio...

Imágenes aéreas muestran la escala de un campamento de migrantes improvisado debajo del puente de Texas - video

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El sábado, el gobierno de Estados Unidos trabajó en planes para enviar a muchos de los miles de inmigrantes haitianos que se han reunido en una ciudad fronteriza de Texas de regreso a su tierra natal caribeña.. El video aéreo de los medios locales mostró a Haití ....

Nos enteramos por la prensa, dice embajador francés sobre contrato submarino desguazado - video

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Jean-Pierre Thebault, el embajador de Francia en Australia, dijo que Francia se mantuvo en la oscuridad sobre la sorpresiva cancelación de un contrato de submarinos a favor de un acuerdo con Estados Unidos. Francia recordó a sus embajadores en Australia y ...

"Trágico error": El Pentágono admite la muerte de un ataque en Kabul 10 civiles - video

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Un ataque con aviones no tripulados estadounidenses en Kabul el mes pasado mató a tantos como 10 civiles, incluyendo hasta siete niños, Gen Frank McKenzie, el jefe del Comando Central, dijo a los periodistas el viernes. Los oficiales superiores habían dicho 29 Agosto s ...

Nancy Pelosi dice que el ataque al Capitolio de EE. UU. 9/11 sino un asalto desde dentro - video

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Nancy Pelosi, el presidente de la Cámara de Representantes del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, ha comparado el 6 Ataque de enero a 9/11, diciendo que uno había sido un asalto a la democracia estadounidense desde adentro y el otro desde afuera. Hablando en un seminario de Chatham House..

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