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Police officer who harassed abuse victim granted anonymity

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A police chief has admitted a decision by a misconduct panel to grant lifelong anonymity to a male officer who harassed a female domestic abuse victim opened the service up to accusations of a lack of transparency. Th ...

Un oficial de policía del Reino Unido "manipuló" a una mujer víctima de abuso, panel escucha

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Un oficial de policía usó su posición de autoridad para "manipular emocionalmente" a una víctima de abuso doméstico, invitándola a tomar un cóctel mientras intentaba comenzar una relación romántica con ella, un panel de mala conducta ha escuchado ....

El oficial de policía niega que los prejuicios obstaculizaron la investigación sobre la primera víctima de Stephen Port

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Un oficial superior de la policía metropolitana ha negado que un sesgo inconsciente haya afectado su investigación sobre la muerte de la primera víctima del asesino en serie Stephen Port porque era "joven, gay y trabajando como escort ”. Canal DCI..

888 app plan to protect women ‘sticking plaster that reinforces victim blaming’

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Labour and campaigners have criticised a government-backed proposal for a service to protect women travelling alone as “a sticking plaster solution” that fundamentally misunderstands the problem of violence against wo...

UK police pay ‘lip service’ to protecting women, says father of abuse victim

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The father of a woman who died after being choked by her abusive partner has accused police of paying “lip service” to the protection of women and girls and called for a public inquiry into the culture of UK policing....

Sabina Nessa: neighbours to hold vigil for suspected murder victim

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Friends and neighbours of Sabina Nessa, a teacher who was found dead at the weekend, have described feeling scared and overwhelmed following her suspected murder, but determined to honour her life with a peaceful vigi...

Fraud victim scammed for almost £25,000: ‘They had detailed information’

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Merrick Anderson lost almost £25,000 through an authorised push payment fraud in March. The university fellow, who moved to the UK late last year, was called by a scammer posing as a member of the Lloyds Bank fraud de...

Victim at 60: the heartbreaking gay drama that pushed boundaries

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Twenty seven minutes into Victim, after some circuitous beating around the bush, the word is dropped into the dialogue – an unprecedented bombshell on screen at the time, and if it no longer shocks today, you can stil...

Streatham attack victim feared he would bleed to death, la corte escucha

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A man wounded in an attack in Streatham in south London on 2 febrero 2020 overheard a paramedic say “he’s not going to make it” after he was stabbed in the side by the recently released convicted terrorist Sudesh Amm...

Liverpool team pay tribute to 97th Hillsborough victim who died this week

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The players and staff of Liverpool football club have observed 97 seconds of silence at their training base in Austria as a tribute to Andrew Devine, 55, who died this week due to the severe brain damage he sustained ...

Sydney Covid victim reportedly mother of removalists who travelled to Molong while positive

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A woman in her 50s from south-western Sydney has died of Covid with police investigating what is the fifth death linked to the current Delta outbreak. The death was announced on Monday afternoon after emergency servic...

Cosby’s prison release is a ‘battle cry’ for victim rights movement, advocates say

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Sexual assault advocates and survivors said Bill Cosby’s release from prison should be a “battle cry” amid concerns the decision could have a chilling effect on survivors seeking to hold their abusers accountable. Cos...

Ofsted chief warns against victim blaming in ‘modesty’ shorts row

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The chief inspector of schools in England has intervened in a row over girls being told to wear “modesty” shorts under their skirts at primary school, warning against a culture of “victim blaming”. Amanda Spielman was...

Overconfident of spotting fake news? Si es así, you may be more likely to fall victim

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Are you a purveyor of fake news? People who are most confident about their ability to discern between fact and fiction are also the most likely to fall victim to misinformation, a US study suggests. Although Americans...

Home Office ordered to move torture victim out of ‘prison-like’ hotel

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A judge in the high court has ordered the Home Office to move a torture and trafficking victim out of a “prison-like” hotel surrounded by an 8ft wall. Judge Coe QC heard an application for urgent action known as inter...

Dinos: have you fallen victim to a delivery scam?

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The move to online shopping together with confusion over customs charges after Brexit are providing new opportunities for scammers. Policía, trading standards and delivery firms have all warned Britons of a surge in te...

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