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Valtteri Bottas wins F1 Turkish GP as Verstappen takes championship lead

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Valtteri Bottas won the Turkish Grand Prix with a composed and well-executed run from pole to the flag. Behind him Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton put in a solid recovery drive to come back from 11th on the grid to c...

‘Halo saved my life,’ says Lewis Hamilton after Verstappen crash at Italian GP

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Lewis Hamilton has said the halo cockpit protection device was fundamental in saving his life after a crash at the Italian Grand Prix. The British driver’s car was hit by his title rival Max Verstappen with the Dutchm...

Max Verstappen dominates Dutch GP ahead of second-place Lewis Hamilton

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Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix with an absolutely commanding drive from pole position in front of his home crowd at Zandvoort. He is the first Dutch driver to win the Dutch GP since its Formula One debut in 1...

Max Verstappen declared winner of farcical Belgian GP as rain plays havoc

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Formula One completed the shortest race in the sport’s history at the Belgian Grand Prix. After just three laps and eight minutes, all behind the safety car at Spa-Francorchamps, Max Verstappen was declared the winner...

Lewis Hamilton’s composure may give him edge in duel with Max Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton was left in no doubt he had put in a shift at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Visibly exhausted on the podium after his comeback from last place to third, the world champion had been through the wringer at th...

Red Bull request review into Hamilton penalty after Verstappen crash

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Red Bull have requested an official review into Lewis Hamilton’s penalty following his crash with Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix. Hamilton was handed a 10-second punishment by the stewards but the seven-time...

Hamilton wins British GP but accused of ‘dirty driving’ after Verstappen shunt

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Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix after high drama at Silverstone saw the world champion and his title rival Max Verstappen clash on track. Verstappen was sent spinning into the barriers at high speed ending h...

Max Verstappen enjoys sedate jaunt on carousel in sprint qualifying race

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Formula One had been hoping for a rollercoaster ride from the debut of the sprint qualifying race at the British Grand Prix. Max Verstappen’s win, egter, had all the hallmarks of a sedate jaunt on the carousel. Afte ...

Max Verstappen klop Lando Norris na die Oostenrykse F1 GP -paal terwyl Hamilton werk

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Max Verstappen het 'n paal behaal vir die Oostenrykse Grand Prix met nog 'n dominante vertoning vir Red Bull 'n week nadat hy hier in die Stiermark GP gewen het. Verstappen het McLaren se Lando Norris in die tweede plek geklop, die Brit stel ...

Max Verstappen turns on style for Red Bull to take Styrian F1 GP pole

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Max Verstappen took pole for the Styrian Grand Prix with a mighty lap in Austria for Red Bull. He beat Valtteri Bottas into second but the Finn will start from fifth after incurring a three-place grid penalty for dang...

Max Verstappen triumphs in pulsating duel with Lewis Hamilton at French GP

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Max Verstappen won the French Grand Prix for Red Bull after a gripping fight with Lewis Hamilton, whose Mercedes was beaten into second place on the penultimate lap. Sergio Pérez was in third for Red Bull and Mercedes...

Max Verstappen holds off Lewis Hamilton to take pole at French GP

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Max Verstappen took pole for the French Grand Prix, putting in a superb lap for Red Bull at the Paul Ricard circuit. Lewis Hamilton was second for Mercedes with his teammate Valtteri Bottas in third. Red Bull’s Sergio...

Pérez wen die dramatiese GP in Azerbeidjan na Verstappen se ongeluk en Hamilton het geblaf

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Sergio Pérez won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the Baku City circuit after late drama saw both title protagonists Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fail to score a point. Verstappen suffered a tyre failure late in the ...

Lewis Hamilton trek saam om Max Verstappen te verower om die Spaanse Grand Prix te wen

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Lewis Hamilton het die Spaanse Grand Prix gewen met 'n wonderlike stuk beheer, strategiese bestuur en bestuur deur sy Mercedes-span, nadat hy die voorsprong op die eerste rondte verloor het. Hy het die Red Bull van Max Verst geklop..

Lewis Hamilton en Max Verstappen groet wedersydse respek ná die jongste stryd

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Lewis Hamilton en Max Verstappen het albei hulde gebring aan die harde, maar billike wedrenne wat hul noue wedywering tot dusver gekenmerk het in 'n uiters mededingende Formule Een-seisoen.. Die twee bestuurders het weer kop aan kop gegaan ...

Max Verstappen lê vroeg af en klop Hamilton teen die F1-paal in Bahrein

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Max Verstappen het vir Red Bull die paal gehaal tydens die opening van die Grand Pix van die nuwe Formule Een-seisoen in Bahrein. Hy het volmaak by die Sakhir-baan gelewer om die wêreldkampioen Lewis Hamilton nie in staat te stel om hom in te pas nie..

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