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Vegetable lasagne, butter noodles and spicy stuffed shells: Yotam Ottolenghi’s pasta recipes

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I feel slightly sheepish running three pasta recipes when we are all still waist-deep in Rachel Roddy’s very wonderful An A-Z of Pasta, published this summer. Detto ciò, as the title of her new book implies, pasta is ...

Carrot, interrupted: NZ minister’s son crashes Zoom interview with deformed vegetable – video

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New Zealand's social development minister Carmel Sepuloni said she would ‘never buy the odd shaped carrot pack again’ after ‘almost wrestling’ with son over vegetable

Allotment wars! How community vegetable patches have become a battleground

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Nome: Allotment wars. Età: There have been heated arguments over allotments for ever, or at least since there have been allotments. But this one is new. Which one? The one in the village of Bearsted in Kent. What’s t...

Il 20 best summer vegetable recipes

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Local shops and supermarket shelves are stacked with prime summer produce. Piles of fragrant, sun-ripened tomatoes, crisp sweetcorn, freshly picked French beans. It’s the perfect time for Nigel Slater’s burrata with p...

Restoration work wipes smile off the face of Dutch vegetable seller

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At some point in the last 400 years a painting restorer probably decided the Dutch vegetable seller was far too glum and should be smiling. Now it has been put right and she is once again enigmatic. English Heritage r...

Nigel Slater’s recipes for a spring vegetable tart, and ricotta stracciatella dessert

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I bring radishes home, two bunches at a time, snowy tipped and bushy leaved, and plunge them, leaves and all, into deep, icy water. It feels like the start of something. And so it is, with those late-spring, early-sum...

La ricetta del risotto alle verdure preferita da Rachel Roddy

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"Signore Leicester", "Telefono alto", 'Vai tranquillo', "Nano blu Bantam", "Signor Grande", "Meraviglia Kelvedon", "Piccola meraviglia": tutti i nomi di piselli, e un altro promemoria di come i cataloghi di semi portino gioia, specialmente se non ...