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Weerhorlosie: Venezuela’s varied climate

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The most northerly country in South America, Venezuela is also the sixth largest – roughly one-and-a-half times the size of France or Texas. It is very varied topographically, from the northernmost part of the Andes m...

From below sea level to 22,000 voete: Peru’s varied climate

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As the third largest country in South America (after Brazil and Argentina), it’s not surprising that Peru has a very varied climate. Peru also encompasses a large north-south range – from within 3km (1.86 myl) of th...

‘I was horrified’: the starkly varied police responses to Sarah Everard vigils

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There was a solemn silence in Nottingham at a vigil held in memory of Sarah Everard on Saturday, met 100 people gathered around a statue of the late Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough. But when Louise Regan, 53, ...