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Labour claims UK ministers risking emergence of new Covid variants

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Labour has claimed ministers are risking the emergence of other Covid variants like Omicron by thwarting a bid by poorer countries to manufacture their own vaccines. The British government has “actively blocked countr...

Experts warn Papua New Guinea is potential breeding ground for new Covid variants

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Experts have warned that the next variant of Covid-19 to sweep the world could emerge on Australia’s doorstep, due to incredibly low rates of vaccination rates in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is Australia’s clos...

Le varianti di Covid-19 potrebbero non evolversi per essere meno pericolose, dice Neil Ferguson

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Le persone non dovrebbero presumere che il Covid si evolverà per diventare una malattia più lieve, uno scienziato anziano ha avvertito, aggiungendo che la minaccia rappresentata dalla variante del coronavirus Omicron non sarà chiara fino alla fine di dicembre. P...

Boris Johnson ‘ignored’ my plan to tackle deadly Covid variants – senior official

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Boris Johnson has been accused of ignoring a senior official’s plan to prepare Britain for the emergence of vaccine-resistant Covid variants, l'Osservatore può rivelare. With the government announcing on Saturday that th...

Coronavirus in diretta: UK expert fears lockdown Christmas; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO

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Government adviser says measures need to be in place now to get transmission rates down; WHO says whole world needs to be vaccinated

New Covid variants ‘will set us back a year’, experts warn UK government

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Ministers are being pressed to reveal what contingency plans are in place to deal with a future Covid variant that evades current vaccines, amid warnings from scientific advisers that such an outcome could set the bat...

Lack of quarantine at England’s borders ‘risks havoc of Covid variants’

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Opening England’s borders to let millions of people arriving from the US and Europe avoid quarantine could risk importations of new Covid variants that might wreak havoc with unlocking domestic restrictions, ministers...

Rebecca Hendin on the continuing spread of Covid variants – cartoon

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UK government opening floodgates to Covid variants, MPs warn

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The government is “opening the floodgates” to new versions of Covid, a cross-party group of MPs has warned, after revealing a steep decline in the proportion of positive tests veing analysed for variants among people ...

Donna, 90, infected with Alpha and Beta Covid variants at the same time

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A 90-year-old Belgian woman who died after falling ill with Covid-19 was infected with both the Alpha and Beta variants of the coronavirus at the same time, researchers have said. The unvaccinated woman was admitted t...

Office space provider IWG says new Covid variants will push profits lower

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IWG, the world’s largest flexible space provider, has said lockdowns and new Covid variants will push profits this year “well below” 2020 livelli. L'azienda, formerly known as Regus, reported a £620m annual loss for ...

Covid variants: how much protection do we get from vaccines?

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On Wednesday Boris Johnson said he saw nothing in the current data to stop the planned lifting of Covid restrictions in England on 21 giugno. But he said questions remained over how much protection the current vaccines ...

Should lockdown lifting go ahead as concerns swirl over Covid variants?

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The final step out of lockdown in England is set for 21 giugno, when the government will remove “all legal limits on social contact” – although some social distancing and mask-wearing rules will remain. tuttavia, a senio...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Peru death toll more than doubles after review, WHO renames variants

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Peru’s death toll soars to 180,000 after excess deaths added; the WHO introduces new names for Covid variants; EU announces plans to lift quarantine obligations for people who have been vaccinated from July

Covid-19 variants to be given Greek alphabet names to avoid stigma

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Coronavirus variants are to be named after letters of the Greek alphabet instead of their place of first discovery, the World Health Organization has announced, in a move to avoid stigma. The WHO has named four varian...

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