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Australia on alert after new Omicron XE Covid variant found in NSW

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Health authorities are urging caution following the emergence of a hybrid Omicron variant of Covid-19 in Australia. The recombinant variant, known as XE, is a combination of BA.2 – “stealth Omicron” – and BA.1 – the o...

Beijing reports its first locally transmitted Omicron variant case

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The Chinese capital, Pechino, has reported its first locally transmitted case of Omicron coronavirus variant, state media reported on Saturday, less than three weeks before the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. An officia...

Omarion is an R&B singer, not a Covid-19 variant

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One often overlooked aspect of the current pandemic is the effect that it has had on brands. The poor brands, who long ago settled on a cool-sounding name only to have it coopted by a deadly once-a-century health cris...

What do we know about the Omicron Covid variant so far?

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Since the first cases of Omicron were reported in the UK just over a month ago it has spread rapidly across the UK, fuelling a surge of infections. But scientists have also been working at speed. Here is an overview o...

Germany toughens Covid restrictions as Omicron variant takes hold

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Germans across large parts of the country face a tightening of rules governing both private and public spaces in an effort to slow down a wave of coronavirus infections triggered by the Omicron variant. Gatherings bot...

Britons shy away from Boxing Day sales amid concern over Omicron variant

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British consumers have largely stayed away from the traditional Boxing Day sales amid concern over the Omicron Covid variant, with visits to high streets, shopping centres and retail parks down more than 45% on pre-pa...

Omicron is exploding – but scientists are better prepared than for any past variant

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like last Christmas. Case numbers of a new Covid variant are exploding across the UK, and the prime minister is cautioning that restrictions may be called for. But while the threat of Omic...

Omicron è ora la variante dominante di Covid-19 negli Stati Uniti, i funzionari dicono

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Omicron è ora la versione dominante del coronavirus negli Stati Uniti, Funzionari sanitari federali hanno detto lunedì, correndo davanti a Delta e altre varianti e contabilizzando 73% di nuove infezioni la scorsa settimana. I Centri per D...

MPs question Chris Whitty on impact of Omicron variant – watch live

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The chief medical officer for England, Chris Whitty, faces a select committee hearing where he will answer questions about the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the day after new infections in the UK reached a recor...

La Cina continentale segnala il primo caso di variante del coronavirus Omicron

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La Cina continentale ha segnalato il suo primo caso della variante Omicron altamente trasmissibile nella città settentrionale di Tianjin, ponendo quella che potrebbe essere la più grande minaccia fino ad oggi alla strategia zero-Covid del paese. Il cinese...

La variante Omicron Covid potrebbe sopraffare il SSN anche se meno grave, dice Javid

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Gli ospedali sono già operativi tra 94% e 96% capacità, l'organizzazione che rappresenta i trust NHS ha avvertito, come disse Sajid Javid che non c'erano stati morti conosciuti dalla variante Omicron in inglese hos...

Will Omicron kill Christmas? How science stacks up in boosters v Covid variant battle

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Two competing forces will determine Omicron’s impact on the nation over the next few weeks. The power of booster jabs to give last-minute protection against Covid-19 will be pitted against the new variant’s ability to...

US Covid cases surge as vaccine progress slows and Omicron variant sparks fears

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For Dr Rina D’Abramo of the MetroHealth System in Cleveland, it’s difficult when patients in the emergency room tell her they have not been vaccinated. “You can hear it in their voice when you say, ‘Are you vaccinated...

Queensland declares ‘world first’ Omicron Covid genetic variation but experts say it is not a new variant

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Queensland has declared a “world-first” sub-lineage of Omicron but experts say it’s not a new variant or a new strain and more information is needed. The new Omicron Covid sub-lineage, known as Omicron “like”, was ide...

Notizie in diretta Covid: South Korea surge sparks hospital alarm; ‘stealth’ Omicron variant found

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South Korea daily cases top 7,000 for first time; ‘stealth’ version of Omicron ‘cannot be detected by routine tests’; Boris Johnson staff filmed joking about No 10 party

Travel bans not the answer to Omicron variant, Chi dice

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The Omicron coronavirus variant is “already everywhere” and travel bans will not stop its spread, the World Health Organization’s top Europe official has said, as the archbishop of Canterbury called for the scrapping ...

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