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Impact of energy-draining ‘vampire devices’ overstated, says tech expert

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As the cost-of-living crisis bites, and households look for any opportunity to cut the bills, headlines suggesting consumers can save hundreds of pounds just by turning off unused chargers have been an appealing prosp...

Whitby Abbey seeks budding bloodsuckers to break vampire record

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You will need black shoes, black trousers or skirt, a white shirt, waistcoat and a black cape. Fangs on the upper teeth are compulsory, pallid skin helpful and a murderous demeanour optional. English Heritage has anno...

Vampire appliances: the electronics sucking your wallet dry

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Nombre: Vampire appliances. Envejecer: There are old ones, and less old ones. Apariencia: Otra vez, it varies. Some are slim and pale, others boxy. Some of them glow, others flash at you … Sounds scary. You should be scared – th...

Mujer, Revisión de Ghosts of the Titanic: el drama de conspiración va a la deriva

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Revisión de Ghosts of the Titanic: el drama de conspiración va a la deriva: un vampiro de etnia mixta y recién graduado en arte. un vampiro de etnia mixta y recién graduado en arte, un vampiro de etnia mixta y recién graduado en arte.

Joe Biden is a fossil: 328m-year-old vampire squid named after president

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A newly discovered fossilized vampire squid has been named after the US president, Joe Biden, a team of paleontologists has announced. The Syllipsimopodi bideni, which has been described as an “incredibly rare” fossil...

Anne Rice, author of Interview With the Vampire, muere envejecido 80

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Anne Rice, the bestselling author of Interview With the Vampire, ha muerto a la edad de 80. The gothic novelist’s son, Christopher Rice, said in a statement on Sunday morning that Rice had “passed away due to complica...

Red Snow review – vampire comedy spreads Christmas cheer not chills

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Home Alone meets The Lost Boys in this trashy half-way entertaining Christmas vampire movie from director Sean Nichols Lynch; it’s a black comedy with some silly splattery gore. Lynch makes the most of a limited budge...

Muerto & Hermosa reseña: el hábil drama de vampiros mete sus colmillos en los súper ricos

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Black Mirror se encuentra con Succession en este drama de vampiros psicológico de estilo artístico, la historia de cinco millennials súper ricos: los aburridos, descendiente titulado de multimillonarios globales - que se convierten en vampiros. La excavación satírica que ....

Blade review – Wesley Snipes is back in excitingly macabre vampire horror

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The first film in the Blade trilogy, made in 1998, is getting a re-release: Wesley Snipes is the implacable and massively ripped daywalker marching around in his shades and leatherised protective armour, slaying the v...

Revisión de Night Teeth: el elegante horror de vampiros de Netflix necesita más mordisco

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Hay una disonancia frustrante en el horror de Netflix anterior a Halloween Night Teeth, Empaque resbaladizo que desmiente las entrañas podridas. Mientras el director, Adam Randall, encuentra formas ingeniosas de salir de la monótona imagen de Netflix ...

Climate of the Hunter review – intoxicating vampire flick from ‘Backwoods Bergman’

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If you’re an aficionado of Oklahoma’s DIY arts scene, you’ve likely heard of “the Flyover Fassbinder” AKA “the Backwoods Bergman” AKA musican-turned-film-maker, Mickey Reece. For everyone else: welcome to the party. T ...

Boys from County Hell review – vampire horror-comedy is a bloody good laugh

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Demolishing an ancient cairn is definitely high on the list of things people in horror movies should never do. Especially when the one out in the field near sleepy backwater Six Mile Hill supposedly houses Abhartach, ...

How Vampire Weekend guided me into fatherhood

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Vampire Weekend has always been there for me. The evolution, on their first three albums, from the youthful naivety of campus life to late-20s world-weariness and existential angst, was in step with my own rhythms. Di...