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Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Janet Ellis: ‘Having a famous mum was a high value currency when I was little’

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Born in Hounslow, west London in 1979, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the daughter of the broadcaster Janet Ellis and the director and producer Robin Bextor. The sunny face of children’s TV – notably Blue Peter – Janet spent ...

The Trevor Bauer case illustrates how teams value wins over everything

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The Los Angeles Dodgers wanted you to know that they had done their due diligence. In a press conference introducing starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, who the Dodgers had just signed to a three-year, $102m contract, die ...

Cristiano Ronaldo snub wipes billions off Coca-Cola’s market value

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of two Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference at the Euros has coincided with a $4bn fall in the share price of the drinks giant. The Portugal captain is a renowned health fanatic and...

Cristiano Ronaldo snub wipes billions off Coca Cola’s market value

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of two Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference at the Euros has coincided with a $4bn fall in the share price of the drinks giant. The Portugal captain is a renowned health fanatic and...

‘Nothing can be taken at face value’: should we ever trust the recorded image?

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In die somer van 2019, Theo Anthony had a strange couple of weeks. ThenPresident Donald Trump provoked a spat with Baltimore-born congressman Elijah Cummings by calling his city a “disgusting, rat-and-rodent-infested ...

Value of UK house sales forecast to leap 46% this year as boom continues

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The total value of homes sold in the UK is expected to reach £461bn this year, a jump of 46% aan 2020, indicating the current housing market boom is likely to continue, according to a new prediction. The property websi...

Kylian Mbappé the hero for new football fans who value players above clubs

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There was a moment at the Stade de France on Wednesday when the world just seemed to stop and watch – and gawp and purr and jab its elbow into the ribs of the gawping, purring person next to it. The score was 0-0 in t...

Die 30% one-day fall in bitcoin’s value looks like a turning point

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The cry from the bitcoin and crypto brigade during previous bursts of volatility was YOLO, or you only live once. That’s an easy thrill-seeking motto to utter when prices decline by the odd 10%. It becomes harder to c...

Amerikaanse teikenwinkels hou op om Pokémon-kaarte te verkoop nadat stygende waarde bedreigings vir personeel veroorsaak

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Amerikaanse kleinhandelreus Target sal ophou om Pokémon-speelkaarte te verkoop uit 'n “groot versigtigheid” vir sy personeel en ander kopers. Die herverkoopwaarde van die kaarte het dramaties toegeneem tydens die koronavirus-uitbreiding..

Dogecoin’s value tumbles after Elon Musk calls the virtual currency a ‘hustle’

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The price of dogecoin tumbled by as much as a third on Sunday, after billionaire Elon Musk, one of its biggest supporters, appeared to call the virtual currency a “hustle” while hosting Saturday Night Live. Cryptocurr...

Sensation review – sensory hacking thriller comes on like a Tesco Value Matrix

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This sci-fi-laced British thriller, from Czech director Martin Grof, aims for lofty metaphysical heights but trips over its own feet. Next to the films it draws from, it’s like a Tesco Value version of The Matrix, of ...

Value judgment: Donald Trump tumbles down billionaires’ rankings

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While the richest got spectacularly richer during the pandemic, the ex-president plummeted nearly 300 places in the Forbes listOne of the biggest injustices of 2020 is that while almost 80 million Americans lost their...

Teen Vogue photographer says Condé Nast doesn’t value Asian community

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A Teen Vogue photographer has said the hiring and swift axing of editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond over anti-Asian tweets shows Condé Nast does not “value” its Asian staff members. McCammond apologised for comments she ...

Euro 2020 and the big coming out can help restore football’s collective value

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We want to be free, to do what we want to do. We want to throw beer in the air. We want to dress up as Gareth Southgate in his kindly Victorian undertaker phase. And that’s what we’re going to do (with appropriate cle...

Tesla share price plunge knocks $267bn off market value

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Decline wipes billions off Elon Musk’s fortune as investors fear firm is vastly overvaluedA sharp decline in Tesla’s share price has wiped more than $250bn (£193bn) off the value of the electric car company, and dragg...