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Bill Gates: ‘Vaccines are a miracle. It’s mind-blowing somebody could say the opposite’

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Bill Gates strides into the boardroom of Bafta in central London, pumps my hand and the clock starts ticking. It’s been noted before that, despite being the richest person in the world for a good chunk of the past 30 ...

Covid vaccines safe for pregnant women and cut stillbirth risk, says review

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Doctors have stressed the importance of Covid vaccinations for pregnant women after a major review found the shots were not only safe, but reduced the risk of stillbirth by 15%. Researchers at St George’s, Università ...

Vaccines are no match for long Covid. Treating it is science’s next great challenge

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Whatever your standpoint on whether the pandemic is over, or what “living with the virus” should mean, it is clear some manifestation of Covid-19 will be with us for some time to come. Not least for the estimated 1.7 ...

The Guardian view on eising rates of Covid: there’s no plan beyond vaccines

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Lo scorso mese, Boris Johnson argued that the downward trends in Covid cases and hospitalisations meant that it was time to scrap restrictions. Now both are rising. But the government is ending testing and most surveillan...

‘The only logical choice’: anti-vaxxers who changed their minds on Covid vaccines

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Alexis Danielsen sat down and rolled up her sleeve. When the shot went into her arm, one thought flooded her mind: “Finally!” It was May 2021, and she was receiving her first Covid shot – in fact, her first immunizati...

Covid vaccines deserve our trust – but big pharma doesn’t

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La settimana scorsa, a commission set up by Stanford University and the Lancet found that the devastating opioid crisis in North America could happen again, and not just there. The unethical practices that Patrick Radden Keefe ...

F1 guards against Djokovic-style fiasco by imposing mandatory vaccines for all

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Formula One staff must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 under new FIA rules. The policy drawn up by the sport’s governing body will be written into the regulations for the new season and will apply to all drivers,...

Covid-19 booster vaccines: experts answer common concerns for people worried about getting their latest jab

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The latest Covid-19 vaccination figures show that almost 37 million people in the UK have received their booster jabs, with approximately 52 million people having had their first vaccination and about 48 million their...

Notizie in diretta Covid: poorer nations forced to reject 100m near-expired coronavirus vaccines; Spain to offer fourth dose to vulnerable

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More than 100m vaccine doses were rejected in December alone due to rapidly expiring donations from wealthy countries; Spain continues vaccine push with 90.5% of population aged 12 and above jabbed

Notizie in diretta Covid: Pfizer expects clinical data for under 5s in April; Italy to mandate vaccines for over 50s

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Pfizer says vaccine trial data for the under 5s will include results from booster shots; Italy tightens its vaccination rules as it reports a record rise in cases

From flying taxis to painless vaccines: seven businesses to watch this year

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In all likelihood, BT will be under new ownership, or at the least involved in a takeover battle, in June next year. The billionaire Patrick Drahi has been assiduously building his stake in the British telecoms giant,...

Wellness for dogs: why your pet needs vaccines but not reiki and raw meat

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Have you been sold a pup? An increase in pet ownership through the pandemic means there are more than a million extra dogs in Australia than there were in 2019. But the fact that many people are prepared to spend big ...

Thomas Tuchel falls short in stance on Chelsea and Covid vaccines

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The latest update about the number of Premier League players who are vaccinated against Covid-19 shows that English football is crying out for strong leadership when it comes to getting jabs in arms. The figures are i...

How to stay safe from Covid-19 this Christmas: from mask-wearing to booster vaccines

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With Christmas just around the corner, the opportunity to celebrate and reunite with loved ones after a difficult year is almost upon us. But Covid-19 still poses a very real threat because of the new Omicron variant ...

London hospital staff speak out: ‘We’re not here to judge, but please get your Covid vaccines’

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On the third floor of one of the country’s biggest hospital trusts, a team of intensive care specialists in masks and visors huddle around a screened bay where a critically ill patient lies unconscious surrounded by c...

If Olaf Scholz is serious about progress, he must back a patent waiver for Covid vaccines

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Announcing a “new era” for Germany last month, the country’s new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, made his bold intentions clear. “We are united by our belief in progress and that politics can achieve something good,” he said...

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