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Holiday homes for disabled people face closure due to England’s vaccines mandate

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Some of England’s only holiday homes for disabled people in care are facing closure due to the policy that means all staff must be fully vaccinated against coronavirus. The charity, Revitalise, said England’s vaccines...

‘Not yet’: Bolsonaro turns down Johnson’s call to get AstraZeneca vaccines – video

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The Brazilian president turned down Boris Johnson's call to ‘get AstraZeneca vaccines’ during a meeting in New York on Monday. The UK prime minister praised the vaccine, saying he had had it twice. In response, Jair B...

The Guardian view on vaccines for all: share them now

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For the west and other rich nations, the problem is demand: how to give more vaccines, including by persuading the hesitant. Britain and other countries are already delivering booster shots. Older children in the UK w...

Ministers told to bar EU from UK trial data in vaccines row

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England’s deputy chief medical officer asked ministers to withhold all UK clinical trial data from the EU if European countries continued to deny entry to British vaccine trial volunteers, the Observer can reveal. Jon...

With many climate activists unable to access vaccines, should Cop26 go ahead?

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As a Kenyan from a farming community that has experienced the ravages of the climate crisis, no one is keener to see a successful climate summit held in Glasgow than me. But this year, due to restrictions placed by th...

Australia Covid updates: Pfizer vaccines arrive from UK as NSW expects cases to grow – follow live

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A renewed push for people around Australia to take up the Pfizer vaccine is under way as two planeloads arrived from the UK. Segui gli ultimi aggiornamenti in diretta

Fijian doctors trek up and down mountains to reach remote village with Covid vaccines – video

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The medical team hiked for five hours in 'horrendous' terrain to reach village and deliver just 25 vaccines to small community, as Fiji battles devastating outbreak of Covid-19, con più di 5% of the country's popu...

Italy could soon make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory, says PM

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Italy’s prime minister has announced his government could make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory, sparking a row in the country that has seen a recent rise in protests and violence from anti-vaxxers. During a press conferen...

UK government vaccines watchdog rules out Covid jabs for children

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The UK government’s vaccines watchdog has decided there is not enough evidence to recommend the rollout of Covid vaccines to all 12- ai 15enni, but has held open the possibility of ministers seeking other advice...

Scott Morrison unveils ‘dose swap’ deal with UK to provide extra 4m Pfizer vaccines

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Australia’s vaccine program has received a boost, with a doubling of the number of Pfizer vaccines flowing into the country, after a “dose swap” deal was secured with the UK. Il primo ministro, Scott Morrison, says t...

Older Australians at back of queue for mRNA vaccines despite Atagi advice to give them choice

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Older Australians could have to wait months to get a choice of vaccines, despite the technical advisory group on immunisation (Atagi) calling on the government to consider making mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer available...

Florida conservative radio host who criticized vaccines dies of Covid-19

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A conservative radio host from Florida who criticised coronavirus vaccination efforts before contracting Covid-19 himself has died, his station said on Saturday. A statement said: “It’s with great sadness that WNDB a...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: WHO to ship Chinese vaccines despite concerns, US Covid hospitalisations hit eight-month high

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WHO to ship 100m doses of Sinovac and Sinopharm by the end of next month, while the number of coronavirus patients in US hospitals has breached the 100,000 mark again

Red Cross sounds vaccines alarm as Covid deaths in south-east Asia soar

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South-east Asia has recorded twice as many Covid-related fatalities as North America over the past two weeks, according to the Red Cross, which warned wealthier countries that they must urgently share their vaccine su...

‘I knew supply was coming’: how Canada’s push for Covid vaccines paid off

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For many Canadians, spring was a dark period marked by surging coronavirus infections, lockdowns – and the envy of watching their American neighbours get vaccinated en masse. But for Anita Anand, the country’s public ...

The Guardian view on Covid and the world: some reject vaccines – others are denied them

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What are the best ways to make sure the indifferent protect themselves from Covid: vaccine passes for public places, pop-up clinics or Deliveroo discounts? How do you tackle outright scepticism? Should 13-year-olds be...

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