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Victoria Covid update: Moderna vaccine to be rolled out as Brett Sutton sounds AFL grand final warning

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The Moderna vaccine will be rolled out at state-run Covid-19 vaccination sites from next week as Victoria pushes to reach its 80% first-dose target. The Victorian health minister, Martin Foley, said 32,000 Moderna vac...

Refusing your booster vaccine won’t help poorer countries

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In response to Christopher Cheetham’s letter (21 September), I do not wish to disparage his sentiment of promoting the international availability of vaccines, but I must disagree with his proposed action. Refusing a C...

Big pharma fuelling human rights crisis over Covid vaccine inequity – Amnesty

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Amnesty International has accused six pharmaceutical companies that have developed Covid-19 vaccines of fuelling a global human rights crisis, citing their refusal to sufficiently waive intellectual property rights, s...

UK to send 1m Pfizer vaccine doses to South Korea in swap deal

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One million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine are being sent from the UK to South Korea as part of a swap deal. South Korea will return the same “overall volume of doses” before the end of the year, the Departme...

Tucker Carlson claims US military vaccine mandate a ‘purity test’ for ‘men with high testosterone’

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Vaccine mandates for the US military are meant to identify “sincere Christians … free thinkers” and “men with high testosterone levels”, the Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed on Monday night. Such people, he said,...

Texas women in New York restaurant vaccine brawl say race a factor

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A lawyer for three women from Texas arrested after a brawl outside a popular New York City restaurant over the requirement that guests show proof of vaccination has introduced a new factor into the case: race. In vide...

Gordon Brown calls for urgent action to avert ‘Covid vaccine waste disaster’

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More than 100m Covid vaccine doses are due to expire and be “thrown away” unless global leaders urgently share surplus supplies with the world’s poorest countries, Gordon Brown has warned. The “staggering” number of s...

Scottish Covid vaccine trialists ‘treated like second-class citizens’

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Scottish vaccine volunteers are being treated like “second-class citizens” while waiting for the Novavax jab to be approved, an MSP has said, as they continue a months-long fightto have their vaccines recognised on th...

Tate Reeves: Biden vaccine mandate an ‘attack on hardworking Americans’

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Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccination mandate for federal workers is a tyrannical “attack on hardworking Americans”, Tate Reeves insisted on Sunday, even as the state he governs reeled under a death rate that if Mississ...

Slow but steady has seen the EU win out in the vaccine race

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We did it,” said Ursula von der Leyen in her annual state of the union address last week. With more than 70% of its adult population now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, Europe is, “against all critics, among...

Who says it’s no big deal if the Covid vaccine temporarily disrupts menstrual cycles

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Could the Covid-19 vaccine have a short-term impact on your menstrual cycle? Thousands of women think so: ever since the vaccines became widely available, people who menstruate have been sharing stories about weird c...

Trevor Noah on Nicki Minaj’s vaccine tweet: ‘This has turned into a real problem’

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On Thursday evening, Trevor Noah delved into one of the most pressing and widely discussed mysteries of our time: the case of rapper Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles. To recap a swiftly unfolding sag...

Jair Bolsonaro plans to flout New York vaccine rules at UN meeting

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The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has signaled that he will snub New York City vaccination rules when he travels to next week’s UN general assembly claiming not to have received a Covid jab. Bolsonaro is the on...

Coronavirus live news: Austria to hear first lawsuit over resort outbreak; Africa vaccine shortfall raises risk of deadly variants, WHO warns

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Vienna court to hear civil suit over outbreak at Ischgl ski resort in March 2020; parts of Africa could become ‘breeding grounds for vaccine-resistant variants’

White House offers Nicki Minaj a phone call to answer vaccine questions

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The White House offered on Wednesday to connect Nicki Minaj with one of the Biden administration’s doctors to address her questions about the Covid-19 vaccine, after the Trinidadian-born rapper’s erroneous tweet alleg...

‘On the right side of history’: ousted Tennessee vaccine official on mandates, myths and muzzles

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Dr Michelle Fiscus worked in the health sector for almost 20 years, most recently as Tennessee’s top vaccine official. Until the day she was fired, she got excellent job performance reviews. And then one day she sent ...

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