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Actualización de Victoria Covid: vaccination to be compulsory for teachers as state records 628 nuevos casos

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Victorian teachers and childcare workers face compulsory Covid-19 vaccinations before they return to work next month, as cases continue to rise across the state. The deputy premier and education minister, James Merlin...

Demand soars for monoclonal antibody treatments in states with low vaccination rates

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Demand has been soaring for monoclonal antibodies – a treatment to lessen the severity of Covid-19 symptoms – especially among states with larger populations of vaccine-hesitant Americans, as the US continues to strug...

Reporter faces violence as construction workers protest vaccination mandate in Melbourne – video

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Hundreds of protesters march through Melbourne's CBD after Victoria’s construction industry was ordered to shut down. Among them are construction workers and, according to some reports, members of the far right. The s...

El nuevo modelo de Doherty aconseja restricciones de Covid "medias" hasta que Australia alcance 80% vacunación

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El nuevo modelo del Instituto Doherty presentado al gabinete nacional advierte que mantener medidas sociales y de salud pública "medias" sería "prudente" hasta que Australia alcance 80% vaccination if caseloads are high – with “...

Trevor Noah on Biden’s vaccination mandates: ‘He’s not messing around’

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Trevor Noah unveiled a new, restyled Daily Show studio on Monday evening – his first show after a month-long hiatus and first return to the studio since March 2020. The in-studio Daily Show has returned, but vaccinati...

Rugby authorities urge Premiership players to get Covid-19 vaccination

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Premiership players are being “strongly encouraged” to become fully vaccinated by rugby authorities in England with clubs offered incentives in an effort to boost uptake. Clubs in the Premiership, the Championship and...

Correo matutino: calls to extend aged care vaccination, Covid inequities, and the joy of tinned food

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Buenos dias. A union is calling for the extension to the compulsory vaccination for aged care workers as the Friday deadline approaches. Analysis of green space in greater Sydney reveals another element of how Covid ...

Three Vermont state troopers accused of creating fake Covid-19 vaccination cards

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Three Vermont state troopers have resigned after being accused of creating fake Covid-19 vaccination cards, state police announced on Tuesday. In a statement released on Tuesday, Vermont police said the three former t...

Pubs, cafes and hairdressers to reopen when NSW reaches 70% vaccination target next month

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New South Wales citizens will be allowed to attend pubs and clubs, get their hair cut and sit in cafes once the state reaches 70% double vaccination rates – most likely by 18 octubre. The NSW government will reveal it...

Vaccination will be compulsory for more than half of NSW’s public sector workers. But not for our parliament

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More than half of New South Wales public sector employees – police, teachers and health workers – will require proof of vaccination to work in NSW. But their boss, Gladys Berejiklian, has steadfastly refused to embrac...

Federal Covid taskforce’s vaccination surge in Indigenous communities, a ‘mad scramble’ ALP says

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The federal government’s Covid taskforce says it is planning a “surge” in vaccinations in dozens of Indigenous communities across Australia – a move the opposition says shows it has so far “completely stuffed up” the ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Taiwán recibe las primeras dosis de Pfizer; La vacunación casi reduce a la mitad la posibilidad de un Covid prolongado, según un estudio

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Taiwán recibe entrega organizada por gigantes tecnológicos y una organización benéfica; probabilidad de Covid prolongado en adultos con doble pinchazo que contraen coronavirus casi la mitad

Blood clot risk greater after Covid infection than after vaccination

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The chances of developing dangerous blood clots after being infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 far outweighs the risks of the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines, according to the largest study of its kind. los ...

Gap between Indigenous Covid vaccination rates and overall population widens in almost every state

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Indigenous Covid vaccination rates have risen rapidly in the past month, but new data shows the gap is widening between First Nations people and overall vaccination rates in almost every state and territory. In Wester...

Young people warn of long Covid in NHS vaccination drive

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Young patients experiencing the debilitating effects of long Covid have urged people to get their vaccine in an NHS video. The video features three previously healthy people in their early 20s and 30s, including a man...

Australia politics live news: new Covid restrictions in place in NSW, Victoria begins vaccination blitz

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A curfew now applies in 12 hotspot local government areas and outdoor masks are mandatory across Sydney as parliament returns in locked down ACT. Follow updates live

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