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The Guardian view on low Covid vaccination rates: not just North Korea

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When Covid-19 first emerged, the “Hermit Kingdom” lived up to its nickname – shutting its borders in January 2020, long before most of the world had taken real heed of the disease spreading in China. With healthcare a...

Austria suspends mandatory Covid vaccination law

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Austria is suspending a law making Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for all adults, just a month after the legislation took effect in an EU first. The country of 9 million people was among few in the world to make coro...

Novak Djokovic set for French Open with vaccination restrictions to be eased

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Novak Djokovic’s efforts to compete at the next grand slam on the tennis calendar will be far less complicated than his failed Australian Open bid after the French government announced it would suspend its vaccination...

Pregnant mother’s vaccination protects baby from Covid – study

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Babies whose mothers get vaccinated against Covid-19 during pregnancy are less likely to be admitted to hospital for the disease after they are born, 'n studie stel voor. The new findings are the first real-world evidenc...

Vaccination reduces chance of getting long Covid, studies find

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Covid vaccination reduces the risk of developing long Covid, while current sufferers may experience an improvement in symptoms after getting jabbed, a comprehensive review by the UK Health Security Agency suggests. Th ...

Novak Djokovic says he is willing to miss grand slams to avoid Covid vaccination

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Novak Djokovic says he would rather miss out on grand slams than be vaccinated against Covid, in his first major interview since being deported from Australia earlier this year due to his vaccination status. Djokovic ...

Germany’s plan for vaccination mandate losing momentum

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Germany’s plans to introduce a general vaccination mandate this spring are faltering, as a growing number of politicians question if it will find a majority in parliament. The Bundestag was originally due to debate mo...

Misinformation and distrust: behind Bolivia’s low Covid vaccination rates

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In a vaccination centre in El Alto, Bolivia, the staff bagged up in protective gear far outnumbered the few people sitting in plastic chairs waiting for their injection. A young doctor reeled off a list of all the vac...

Disparities in children’s Covid vaccination rates map England’s social divides

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Covid vaccination rates show wide gaps in coverage between children of different ethnic backgrounds, social class and regions of England, according to figures published by the Office for National Statistics. While the...

John Lewis will pay full sick pay regardless of Covid vaccination status

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John Lewis has told staff they will get full sick pay regardless of their Covid vaccination status, saying that it doesn’t “believe it’s right” to treat jabbed and unjabbed workers differently. The retailer’s high-str...

Papua New Guinea reports first Omicron cases, amid fears over low vaccination rate

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Local authorities in Papua New Guinea are calling for calm, after the country announced its first case of the Omicron variant. Authorities announced on Tuesday the case was a man who came to Papua New Guinea in Decemb...

Covid nuus regstreeks: US deaths rise 40% on last week, CDC says; German chancellor calls for mandatory vaccination of all adults

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US coronavirus hospitalisations increased by 33% and deaths are up by 40% from a week earlier, Germany should make vaccinations mandatory for all adults, Olaf Scholz says

Covid ‘vaccination doubt line’ receiving up to 1,000 calls a day in Netherlands

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A “vaccination doubt line” set up by doctors in the Netherlands is receiving up to 1,000 calls a day from people who are still unsure whether or not they should get jabbed against the coronavirus. The helpline, origin...

Santa hats at the ready as ‘jingle jabs’ go on at Christmas vaccination centres

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Santa hats and Christmas jumpers added festive colour to the usual PPE for the “jingle jabs” NHS campaign in east London on Christmas Day. In one of at least eight vaccination centres open in England, volunteers decor...

Live Covid -opdatering in Australië: NSW verslae rekord 3,057 Covidgevalle, Victoria 1,245; nasionale kabinet om inentingsveranderinge en strenger beperkings te bespreek

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Victoria rekords 1,245 Covidgevalle; NSW rekords 3,057 gevalle; raadslid om vir die Liberale party in Christian Porter se Perth-setel te hardloop; duisende sonder krag ná Sydney-storm; state en gebiede om inenting te bespreek..

Wêreldwye Covid-inentingsmislukking sal Brittanje benadeel, Gordon Brown waarsku

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Die versuim om die wêreld teen koronavirus in te ent, sal selfs ten volle ingeënte Britte spook 2022, Gordon Brown het gewaarsku. Die voormalige premier het gesê die ontstaan ​​van Omicron was “nie Afrika s’n nie ...

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