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Deaths among the double vaccinated: what is behind the Australian statistics?

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Op Dinsdag, daar was 356 Covid-19 patients being treated in intensive care wards throughout Australia. Of those, 25 were fully vaccinated. While the data points to the extraordinary efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines in ...

Premier League reveals 68% of players are fully vaccinated against Covid

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The Premier League says that 68% of its players are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 after concerns over a lack of take-up. Estimates had earlier placed the number of double-jabbed players at less than 50%, with a nu...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -opdatering: Auckland to remain in lockdown even as fully vaccinated hit 70%

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Auckland, the city at the centre of New Zealand’s Covid outbreak, will remain in level 3 lockdown for another two weeks, despite rising vaccination levels. The decision from prime minister Jacinda Ardern comes as expe...

US to lift restrictions for fully vaccinated international travelers on 8 November

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The US will lift restrictions for international travelers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 on 8 November, a White House official said on Friday, allowing people from dozens of countries to reunite with their ...

President of Brazil says it ‘makes no sense’ for him to be vaccinated

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Meer as 600,000 of his citizens have lost their lives to a Covid-19 outbreak he once pooh-poohed as a “little flu”, but Brazil’s science-denying president, Jair Bolsonaro, has announced he will decline to be vaccina...

Thailand to reopen for some vaccinated tourists from November

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Thailand plans to fully re-open to vaccinated tourists from countries deemed low risk from 1 November, the country’s leader said, citing the urgent need to save the kingdom’s ailing economy. Voor die pandemie, Thail...

Vaccinated Americans can ‘go out there and enjoy Halloween’, says Fauci

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Americans should celebrate good news about declining Covid cases as the holiday season approaches but should not “prematurely declare victory” over the coronavirus, Dr Anthony Fauci said on Sunday. The right approach...

Live Covid -opdatering in Australië: Victoria rekords 1,890 gevalle, vyf sterftes; NSW 477 gevalle, ses sterftes; 10,000 mense ingeënt om die Melbourne Cup by te woon

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Victoria rekords 1,890 nuwe gevalle en vyf sterftes; NSW rekords 477 gevalle en ses sterftes; 30 nuwe gevalle in ACT; 10,000 mense ingeënt om die Melbourne Cup by te woon; Perrottet sê NSW wil 'internasionale grense oopmaak' ....

Americans are desperate to visit Hawaii – but apparently not enough to get vaccinated

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If you’re an unvaccinated American headed to Hawaii, and you want to avoid quarantine, you’ll need to provide the state with a negative Covid test. Alternatively, you could attempt to fake out authorities – and get a...

Senior doctors urge secondary school pupils to get vaccinated

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Senior doctors have urged secondary school children to consider getting vaccinated against Covid after the death of a healthy 15-year-old girl highlighted that young people with no underlying conditions are potentiall...

Team USA will only consider vaccinated athletes for 2022 Winter Olympics

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US athletes trying to make the Winter Olympics will have to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 under a groundbreaking new policy announced on Wednesday by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The organization’s CEO,...

‘Mask it, vax it or choose the casket’: the pastor and barber urging his community to get vaccinated

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This photo essay was published in partnership with Scalawag, a nonprofit journalism and storytelling organization that disrupts dominant narratives about the US south. Scalawag’s series Breaking Through Covid is a col...

US to relax travel ban, allowing fully vaccinated passengers from UK and EU to enter country – live

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Policy introduced by Trump administration 18 months ago will change from November, also benefiting travelers from China, Brazil and other countries

US to lift Covid travel ban for vaccinated passengers from UK and most of EU

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The US will lift Covid-19 travel restrictions to allow fully vaccinated passengers from the UK and EU to travel into the country from November, the Biden administration has announced.The move will mark the end of a tr...

Coronavirus live nuus: Biden se entstofmandaat vir 100 miljoen werkers; Los Angeles vereis dat studente ingeënt word

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Alle Amerikaanse ondernemings met meer as 100 werknemers om te verseker dat werkers weekliks ingeënt of getoets word; LA mandate entstowwe vir 630,000 studente 12 en ouer

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