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Vandag is die troue van Brooklyn Beckha..

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Vandag is die troue van Brooklyn Beckha... Vandag is die troue van Brooklyn Beckha...

Influential Pen Green children’s centre saved from closure after council U-turn

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A legendary nursery school that has been called the world’s most famous children’s centre and was a blueprint for Sure Start has been saved from immediate closure after an 11th hour U-turn by Tory councillors in the f...

British American Tobacco halts Russia sales after U-turn

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British American Tobacco has reversed its decision to continue selling cigarettes and other nicotine products in Russia, putting the sudden change of heart down to its “ethos and values”. The owner of brands including...

Uniqlo suspends operations in Russia in unexpected U-turn

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The Japanese retailer Uniqlo is the latest international brand to suspend its Russian operations in a U-turn after pressure to take action over the war in Ukraine. Earlier this week Fast Retailing, the clothing chain’...

Georgia speeds up EU application in policy U-turn

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In a surprise U-turn, the government of Georgia has applied for EU membership just days after declaring it would not accelerate its application, as fears grow among the Georgian public that the Russian invasion might ...

Don’t rule out national insurance U-turn amid Tory cost of living jitters

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Amid Boris Johnson’s recent travails, one Tory MP recounted how he, like many colleagues, was phoned by an ally of the prime minister seeking to shore up his support. Asked what changes No 10 should consider, the answ...

Home Office U-turn on Sri Lankan scientist’s asylum claim

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The Home Office has U-turned on plans to deport a leading scientist carrying out groundbreaking research into affordable forms of solar energy and allowed him and his family to remain in the UK. Aanvanklik, the Home Of...

Another U-turn likely from UK government on care costs bill

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The government is preparing to drop controversial plans that would force poorer pensioners to pay more for their social care, in order to avert a possible Commons defeat that would further damage Boris Johnson’s autho...

Spoorweë U-draai beklemtoon Westminster se minagting vir die noorde

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Mense in die noorde van Engeland het die volste reg om kwaad te voel oor die spoorweë (Arbeidsaanvalle 'Whitehall-kraggryp oor Noord-spoorbeleid', 19 November). Hier in Oxford was daar 'n welkome maar verleentheid...

‘We are more powerful than Modi’: Indian farmers celebrate U-turn on laws

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The scent of victory was in the air. As tractors rolled through the protest camp on the outskirts of Delhi set up by farmers almost exactly a year ago, rousing cries of “long live the revolution” and “we defeated Modi...

Can we have our home back? HS2 U-turn leaves uprooted family reeling

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When Tara Wellard bought her three-bedroom house on Mexborough’s Shimmer estate in 2012, it was a dream come true. As a single parent of two small girls, she finally had a brand new home she could make her own in the ...

Tories engulfed in sleaze crisis after U-turn and Owen Paterson resignation

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Boris Johnson was engulfed in a sleaze crisis last night following a humiliating government U-turn that saw veteran Tory MP Owen Paterson resign from parliament after Downing Street ditched a bid to shield him from lo...

Sleaze-bath U-turn renders Kwasi Kwarteng’s mindless loyalty pointless

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It was a shit job, but someone had to do it. And it was just Kwasi Kwarteng’s bad luck that he drew the short straw of having to defend the government’s latest sleaze-bath on the morning media round. Na alles, it was...

Britse politiek leef: LP's sal na verwagting nuwe stemming kry oor die skorsing van Owen Paterson ná die regering se U-draai

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Beweging kom ná gister se stemming om standaardreguleerder te skrap. Nuwe mosie om voor te stel dat hy geskors moet word vir 30 dae

U-turn expected on temporary visas for non-UK butchers

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The government is expected to back down over temporary visas for foreign butchers, as the food industry said ministers were beginning to listen to its warnings about the impact of staffing shortages. The expected inte...

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