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Elle magazine to stop using fur in editorial and advertising content worldwide

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Elle magazine has announced it will stop using fur in all its editorial and advertising content worldwide, becoming the first major publication to do so. The monthly lifestyle magazine, which originated in France and ...

Cryptocurrency miners using hacked cloud accounts, Google warns

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Cyberhackers are using compromised cloud accounts to mine cryptocurrency, Google has warned. Details of the mining hack are contained in a report by Google’s cybersecurity action team, which spots hacking threats agai...

Extremists using online gaming and Covid conspiracies to recruit youngsters

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Rightwing extremists are using Covid controversies and online gaming as a way of recruiting young people, as data shows half of the most serious cases of suspected radicalisation reported by schools and colleges now i...

Anti-vaxxers gebruik omkopery en vals sertifikate om inenting te vermy, Australiese regering gewaarsku

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Die apteek- en bejaardesorgsektore het gevra vir nuwe strawwe vir bedrog met inentingstatus, insluitend omkopery, gebruik van vals sertifikate of instaan-entstof-ontvangers wat die Covid-19-steek namens 'n ongevaccineerde kry..

Meisie in die VSA gered nadat sy TikTok-handsein vir gesinsgeweld gebruik het – video

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'n 16-jarige meisie is in Kentucky gered nadat sy 'n handgebaar gebruik het wat op die sosiale media-toepassing TikTok beskryf is om aan motoriste te beduie dat sy in die moeilikheid is. Die sein – draai die palm na buite en maak die vin toe...

Besmette bloedskandaal: firm claimed products were safe despite using untested donors

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A pharmaceutical company continued to insist its blood products were safe despite knowing it had used untested donors and that two people who had used the products had tested HIV positive, the infected blood inquiry h...

Rafiq sê 'institusionele rassisme' is 'n sleutelkwessie nadat Ballance erken het dat hy slenter gebruik het

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Azeem Rafiq het Donderdag gereageer op die jongste nuus in die Yorkshire-krieketrassismeverhaal ná 'n voormalige spanmaat van die krieketspeler, Gary Ballance, het erken dat hy 'n rasse-besweer teen hom gebruik het. Rafiq het 'n kort verklaring geplaas...

Using artificial intelligence to rule on handball is a tantalising possibility

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How should an essay be marked? You might think a teacher should simply read it and make a judgment based on the impression it makes: logically coherent, offers evidence to back up its case, reads well, is original – f...

Civil liberty fears as police consider using drones that film from 1,500ft

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Police in England and Wales are considering using drone-mounted cameras that could film high-quality live footage from 1,500ft (457 meter) away, raising concerns among civil liberties campaigners. The National Police...

Skaak: David Howell teken 142-skuiwe marathon in Riga met behulp van seldsame reël

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David Howell is die enigste Engelsman in die 108-speler Covid-treffer Grand Swiss by Riga, en die drie keer Britse kampioen, 30, het 'n belofte gemaak 1.5/2 begin in die wêreld-kwalifiseerder. Dit het onwaarskynlik gelyk toe hy flou ...

New victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy identified using DNA

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Authorities in Illinois said on Monday they had identified another victim of John Wayne Gacy, who was convicted of killing 33 young men and boys in the 1970s. Francis Wayne Alexander, a North Carolina man who moved to...

Supermarkets using cardboard cutouts to hide gaps left by supply issues

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Supermarkets are using cardboard cutouts of fruit, vegetables and other groceries to fill gaps on shelves because supply problems combined with a shift towards smaller product ranges mean many stores are now too big. ...

Italy using anti-mafia laws to scapegoat migrant boat drivers, verslag vind

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Italian police have arrested more than 2,500 migrants for smuggling or aiding illegal immigration since 2013, often using anti-mafia laws to bring charges, according to the first comprehensive analysis of official dat...

‘Choice between using shower or oven’: harsh realities of universal credit cut

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Meer as 800,000 people risk being pushed into poverty as a result of a cut to universal credit coming into effect on Wednesday, terwyl 100,000 renters in England will be in danger of eviction. The Resolution Foundati...

Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

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Hundreds of soldiers could be scrambled to deliver fuel to petrol stations running dry across the country due to panic buying and a shortage of drivers under an emergency plan expected to be considered by Boris Johnso...

US teacher suspended for reportedly using N-word in classroom discussion

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A teacher in Georgia was suspended after being filmed using the N-word in the classroom. Alexandrea Boyington, an art teacher at Alcovy high school in Newton county, was shown in the video sitting on a desk and asking...

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