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The useful illusion of Covid incompetence

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I have long thought that incompetence was not a credible explanation for the government’s more extreme actions during the pandemic, so I welcome the article by two sociologists, Jana Bacevic and Linsey McGoey, which s...

‘I want to solve problems and be useful’: meet the rising star prosthetics engineer

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Nate Macabuag knows he has a huge task ahead of him. The founder of London-based Koalaa is on a mission to make prosthetics that are comfortable and affordable for everyone in the world who needs them. “People with li...

Speedy Covid tests are very useful, but not conclusive

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Last Monday, schools in England returned, with secondary school students having “lateral flow” tests (LFTs). These device kits operate like pregnancy tests – a liquid sample flows along a pad. Instead of expecting a b...