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Dozens of MPs sign letter urging UK to evacuate all Kabul embassy guards

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Dozens of cross-party MPs have signed a letter to the defence secretary calling on him to evacuate all the guards who provided security for the British embassy in Kabul. Despite a commitment from the Foreign Office on...

Amanda Gorman and Kate Winslet join advocates urging Biden to protect Afghan women

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Dozens of women’s rights advocates and high-profile figures, including the poet Amanda Gorman, are calling on the Biden administration to protect and support Afghan women and girls. In an open letter titled “Do Not Ab...

Singing celebrities make film urging Britons to get Covid jab

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Celebrities including the comedian David Walliams and actor Jim Broadbent have called on their fellow Britons to “get back to the rhythm of life”, by getting vaccinated against Covid. In the film, which is to the tune...

Myanmar: Facebook promotes content urging violence against coup protesters – study

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Facebook is promoting content that incites violence against Myanmar’s anti-coup protesters and amplifies junta misinformation, despite promising to clamp down on the misuse of its platform, according to a study. An in...

Klopp: Le scene dell'Old Trafford mostrano che gli esperti devono calmarsi quando sollecitano le proteste

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Jürgen Klopp ha sostenuto il diritto dei tifosi del Manchester United di protestare all'Old Trafford domenica scorsa, ma ha sentito che le azioni di alcuni hanno tagliato il traguardo. Con esperti come Gary Neville e Jamie Carragher che chiedono mobilis ...

If we’re urging girls to report rape in schools, we need to fix the legal system

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Suddenly everyone is talking about a “rape culture” in schools. Not for the first time, it has to be said, but influential MPs, headteachers and senior police officers are urging anyone who has been attacked to report...