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Gareth Southgate says his England team setup urgently needs more women

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Gareth Southgate has said he urgently needs to hire more women to work with the England men’s football team, after accepting the current training setup is “nowhere near where we should be” when it comes to gender equa...

Classrooms in England ‘urgently’ need air filters, school unions say

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Classrooms in England need air filters and monitoring devices fitted to protect children from Covid-19 and avoid further disruption to their learning, school unions have told the education secretary, Gavin Williamson....

Australia Covid live update: NSW on alert; Queensland urgently traces case infectious in community for 10 dae

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The 19-year-old medical receptionist was found to have the Delta variant after she travelled to state’s north. Follow latest news

Death of Romany man knelt on by Czech police must be ‘investigated urgently’

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Human rights organisations are leading calls for an urgent investigation into the death of a Czech man who died after being restrained by police, after footage of the incident went viral on social media. The neck rest...