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Rishi Sunak urged to cut business rates to unlock billions in investment

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Employers’ groups representing more than a quarter of jobs in Britain have called on Rishi Sunak to cut business rates in the budget later this month to unlock billions of pounds of investment in the economy. In a joi...

Pregnant people urged to get vaccinated amid abysmal US inoculation rates

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Pregnant and breastfeeding people are facing abysmal vaccination rates and increasing health risks from the Delta variant, and they urgently need to be vaccinated, experts warn. The US Centers for Disease Control and ...

Stop making councils plead for ‘levelling up’ cash, ministers urged

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Ministers must stop making council leaders “plead on bended knee” for vital funds if “levelling up” is to work, the government’s infrastructure adviser has said. Sir John Armitt, the chair of the UK’s National Infrast...

Ministers urged to stop ‘hiding from scrutiny’ by blocking FoI requests

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Six government departments have between them spent at least half a million pounds over the past four years trying to block information being released under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act. They include the Depart...

Colorado radio host who urged boycott of vaccines dies of Covid-19

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Bob Enyart, a rightwing talk radio host in Colorado who urged people to boycott vaccines for Covid-19, has died of Covid-19. Enyart’s death was reported two weeks after the Denver Bible church said he and his wife ha...

Medics urged to drop opposition to assisted dying before crucial vote

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Medics are being urged to drop their opposition to assisted dying before a landmark vote on the issue by Britain’s biggest doctors’ union. As its members prepare to debate the issue at their annual representative meet...

Australians urged to plan ahead for Christmas shopping amid ‘dramatically bad’ global supply chain crisis

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Australians have been warned not to leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute with the global supply chain crisis leaving retailers struggling to fill orders and keep shelves stocked. The “dramatically bad”...

Vladimir Putin urged to end crackdown on Russian journalists

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Russia’s leading independent media have appealed to Vladimir Putin and other top government officials to halt a crackdown on journalists under which some of the countries’ top outlets have been declared foreign agents...

MPs urged to ban ‘virginity repair’ surgery as well as virginity testing

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The government’s pledge to outlaw virginity testing will be undermined unless fake surgery touted as “virginity repair” is also banned, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) gewaarsku het. Last mon...

Million urged to seek shelter as floods and landslides hit Japan

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More than a million people have been urged to seek shelter as torrential rain triggered floods and landslides in western Japan, leaving at least one dead and two missing. Authorities in Hiroshima and the northern part...

Plymouth shooting: police urged to take misogyny more seriously

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Police must start taking misogyny more seriously in order to prevent more tragedies such as that in Plymouth, a top prosecutor has said, after a man who had regularly expressed his hatred of women killed five people a...

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand sees record cases for second day; South Koreans urged to work from home

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South Koreans urged to work from home and minimise holiday travel as fourth wave grows; Thailand confirms 23,418 new infections in 24 ure

Australia urged to help Afghan allies under threat from Taliban – video

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Na 20 years on the ground, Australian and allied forces have rapidly exited Afghanistan – ending Australia’s longest war. The Taliban has launched a nationwide offensive and violently acquired territory from the Af...

Covid hospitalizations surge in US south as unvaccinated urged to get shots

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Covid-19 hospitalizations continued to surge among America’s deep south states on Monday as health officials urge unvaccinated residents to receive the shot and intensive care units near capacity in multiple locations...

Drivers urged to book MOTs as September surge in demand looms

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Owners of cars due an MOT next month are being urged to book early because of a surge in demand. The MOT exemption introduced following the coronavirus outbreak has increased the number of vehicles that must pass the ...

UK farmers urged to set aside 1% of land for wildlife havens

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Farmers are being called upon to dedicate 1% of their land to nature and carbon sequestration in an unexpected way – by farming in straight lines. The call to make a commitment to nature and the climate in the run-up ...

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