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Myanmar: reports of 15 or more killed after nationwide uprising call

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Fifteen to 20 villagers, including several teenagers, have been killed in some of Myanmar’s deadliest fighting since July between government troops and resistance forces, a villager and reports by independent media sa...

Die week in TV: Dominic Cummings: The Interview; Uprising; Reclaiming Amy; Ted Lasso

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Going by Dominic Cummings: The Interview, conducted by BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg, it would appear that the erstwhile government adviser learned no useful showbiz lessons (charm, humility, not smirking...

Steve McQueen’s Uprising films speak powerfully to the Britain of today

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Veertig jaar gelede, following the most intense and widespread urban disorder in 20th century Britain, the Times journalist Lucy Hodges and I co-wrote a book on the riots of 1981. In honour of Bob Marley, who died that sp...

Uprising review – Steve McQueen’s series on the New Cross fire is furious, devastating TV

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The New Cross fire, which happened on 18 Januarie 1981, ran through Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series of films, two of them in particular. It was there as a silent counterpart to Lovers Rock, a kind of photographic nega...

American uprising: three US cities cracked down on protesters – their histories tell us why

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One year ago, in the week after George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police, an uprising ripped across the country at a dizzying pace. As millions flooded the streets police used teargas against demonstrators in m...