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Five thoroughbred horses die in truck crash in NSW upper Hunter

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Five thoroughbred horses have died in a truck crash in the New South Wales Hunter region. It is understood the broodmares were recently purchased by a large racehorse stud at a major national auction. Two men also su...

Upper Crust owner hit by £300m loss on back of Covid travel slump

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The owner of Upper Crust and Caffè Ritazza slumped to a pre-tax loss of almost £300m in the six months to the end of March, as Covid restrictions kept customers away from its outlets in airports and railway stations. ...

We’re told not to bottle up bad experiences – but a stiff upper lip can be for the best

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Sometimes people I speak to on my radio programme say something that will stay with me for a long time. Marguerite Turner, 98, said two such things to me last week. She was talking about her work in the second world w...

Timo Werner gives Chelsea upper hand in top-four race against West Ham

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Chelsea beat West Ham where it mattered: not by gaming the system but by outclassing them on the pitch. Thomas Tuchel’s side have no need for a European Super League. This polished performance showed that they are str...

Upper Hunter byelection: National party takes early lead in crucial NSW vote

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The Nationals’ David Layzell has taken an early lead in the Upper Hunter byelection in New South Wales, but it may be days before a winner is declared in the crucial vote. Both major parties are sweating on the result...