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The Case for Love by AK Benjamin review – inside the minds of the severely unwell

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A couple of years ago, the neuropsychologist AK Benjamin (a pseudonym) published an unclassifiable memoir-cum-case-study titled Let Me Not Be Mad. It was based on his experience of dealing with patients with severe br...

Unwell Women by Elinor Cleghorn review – battle for the female body

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During the recent anxieties about the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and its possible link to blood clots, many women felt obliged to point out, on social media and in the press, that the risk of fatal thrombosis was signi...

AOC says Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘deeply unwell’ after 2019 video surfaces

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said the Republican extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene has a “fixation” on progressive members of Congress, and warned that Greene’s behavior has “raised concerns” among Democrats. Greene, a...

Bristol pupil died of sepsis on US trip ‘after telling teachers she felt unwell’

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A teenager died from sepsis on a school trip to New York after telling teachers she felt unwell, an inquest heard. Ana Uglow, 17, a student at Bristol grammar school, was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai West hospital i...

I’m homesick for Australia, but it isn’t mine anymore. It’s an unwell country in crisis

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I’m on the Dfat flight waitlist, but nothing is leaving Paris. We lament all this on the “Stranded Aussies” forum. Home’s out of reach. Lately I’m reminded of that Neil Diamond song – with tweaked lyrics it would go: ...