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‘Fallen stock’: what happens now to the UK’s unwanted pigs?

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Sick or injured animals on farms which are not able to be transported to a slaughterhouse are usually killed by a knackerman, the traditional name for the role. There are very strict guidelines in place which control...

Ninjababy review – uncompromisingly brilliant comedy about unwanted pregnancy

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This hilarious and sneakily brilliant comedy from Norway begins like half a dozen unwanted-pregnancy movies you might already have seen. Rakel (Kristine Kujath Thorp) is a 23-year-old graphic design dropout who has no...

Dismissed as the unwanted Games, just how did these Olympics steal our hearts?

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What’s been the image of the Games for you so far? Is it Adam Peaty, smacking the water with an explosive mix of adrenaline and relief after taking the breaststroke gold that is his by right? Bethany Shriever, moments...

For too many girls, teenage years are a time of unwanted attention from older men

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At first the girl is animated and fast-talking, gesturing with her hands as she speaks to the camera. She’s wearing a tie-dye shirt that hangs cavernously around her thin frame; her long blond hair is stick straight. ...

Ikea UK to buy back unwanted furniture in recycling push

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The UK’s biggest furniture retailer, Ikea, will launch a scheme to buy back unwanted furniture from customers to resell as part of the Swedish group’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. The group has ple...