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New Zealand Covid: Ardern unveils post-lockdown ‘traffic light’ system linked to 90% vaccination rate

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Meer as 18 months into the pandemic, New Zealand has announced its roadmap for a post-lockdown future – and says dropping restrictions hinges on the country hitting some of the world’s most ambitious vaccination rat...

TS Eliot prize unveils ‘voices of the moment’ in 2021 shortlist

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“Ten books that sound clear and compelling voices of the moment” make up this year’s shortlist for the TS Eliot prize for poetry. Announcing this year’s contenders for £25,000 prize, writer and chair of judges Glyn Ma...

UK Covid live: Javid unveils winter contingency ‘plan B’including vaccine passports and compulsory masks

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Nuutste opdaterings: follow all the UK politics news and developments

John Oliver unveils teddy bear plan to get under Belarusian dictator’s skin

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John Oliver returned to the Last Week Tonight studio for the first time since spring 2020 on Sunday night, with a segment about Alexander Lukashenko, the unpopular autocratic leader of Belarus facing increasing unrest...

Boris Johnson unveils £12bn-a-year tax rise to pay for NHS and social care

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Boris Johnson has confirmed his government will impose a manifesto-busting £12bn-a-year package of tax increases from next April to tackle NHS Covid backlogs and overhaul social care. The cabinet signed up on Tuesday ...

Scott Morrison unveils ‘dose swap’ deal with UK to provide extra 4m Pfizer vaccines

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Australia’s vaccine program has received a boost, with a doubling of the number of Pfizer vaccines flowing into the country, after a “dose swap” deal was secured with the UK. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, says t...

Elon Musk onthul plan vir 'Tesla Bot’ met man wat in 'n lyfpak gedans het - video

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Musk het gesê dat hy waarskynlik volgende jaar 'n humanoïde robot -prototipe sal bekendstel, wat ontwerp is om 'vervelig' te wees, herhalende en gevaarlike werk. Die miljardêr se uitvoerende hoof van Tesla het gesê die robot, waaroor sou gaan 5...

‘This is a crucial sector’: Morrison government unveils another airline lifeline as Queensland’s Covid outbreak worsens

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The Morrison government has unveiled a $100m program to help domestic airlines retain their staff through lockdowns and border closures – and the Coalition will also retain its half-price flight scheme in an effort to...

Deliveroo unveils plans to pull out of Spain in wake of ‘rider law’

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Deliveroo has announced plans to pull out of Spain only months after the government promised a law to give gig economy workers greater employment rights. Deliveroo, which is headquartered and listed in London, said re...

Pedestrians get priority as UK unveils changes to Highway Code

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Changes to the Highway Code, including putting pedestrians at the top of a new “road user hierarchy”, have been announced by the UK transport secretary. The proposed changes, which are due to receive parliamentary app...

Iran unveils state-approved Islamic dating app to boost marriage

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Iran has unveiled a state-sanctioned Islamic dating app aimed at facilitating “lasting and informed marriage” for its youth, state television reported. Called Hamdam – Farsi for “companion” – the service allows users ...

Belgium unveils plans to return DRC artworks stolen during colonial rule

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Belgium has promised to return artworks plundered from its former Congolese colony, as it seeks to confront its brutal colonial past. Belgium’s Africa Museum – a former totem to empire that has undergone a €75m revamp...

Australia to halve international arrival cap as Scott Morrison unveils four-stage Covid exit plan

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The number of international flight arrivals into Australia will be halved nationwide in a blow to Australians stranded abroad, while Scott Morrison attempts to reassure the public that the federal government is workin...

White House unveils first national strategy to fight domestic terrorism

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The White House has published its first ever national strategy for countering domestic terrorism five months after a violent mob stormed the US Capitol in Washington. The framework released on Tuesday by the national ...

New Zealand unveils $8,600 subsidy for electric vehicles to reduce emissions

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The New Zealand government is introducing subsidies to make electric vehicles thousands of dollars cheaper and new petrol and diesel cars more expensive, as the country tries transition to an emissions-free fleet. Die...

It’s a cracking statue, Gromit: Preston unveils ‘wrong trousers’ bench

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A statue of Wallace and Gromit is to be unveiled in Preston, home town of their creator Nick Park. The pair will be sculpted with Wallace wearing the “techno trousers” that brought him grief in Park’s Oscar-winning fi...

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