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NHS England could employ unvaccinated staff after 1 aprile, says regulator

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Hospitals in England could continue to employ unvaccinated NHS healthcare workers beyond the April deadline if not doing so risks leaving them dangerously understaffed, the sector regulator has indicated. The Care Qua...

Outrage as Paris hospitals chief raises idea of charging unvaccinated patients

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The head of hospitals in Paris has raised the question of whether Covid patients who have refused to be vaccinated should be charged for emergency treatment if they become seriously ill with the virus. Martin Hirsch s...

Lifting England Covid rules while 3bn people unvaccinated reckless – experts

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Boris Johnson has been accused of taking a reckless approach to public health by lifting all plan B Covid restrictions in England while failing to take enough action to get jabs to 3 billion unvaccinated people in poo...

Unvaccinated seniors 49 times more likely to be hospitalized than those with boosters – CDC

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New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that unvaccinated adults infected with Covid-19 who are 65 and older are 49 times more likely to need hospitalization compared to those who hav...

Eddie Jones can select unvaccinated players for England despite travel rules

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Eddie Jones is free to select unvaccinated players in a bumper 36-man Six Nations squad on Tuesday despite strict travel rules that look set to rule them out of two of England’s three away fixtures, including a potent...

Election battle lines set as Macron pits himself against France’s unvaccinated

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Emmanuel Macron is facing growing political divisions over Covid rules in the run-up to the spring presidential election, after his proposed vaccine pass was delayed and teachers took strike action, amid ongoing stree...

Philippines accused of being ‘anti-poor’ with public transport ban on Covid unvaccinated

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The Philippine government has defended a controversial ban that prevents unvaccinated people from using public transport in the capital of Manila, denying that the policy is “anti-poor”. The “no vaccination, no ride” ...

Next cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff who are self-isolating

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Next has become one of the first large UK retailers to cut sick pay for its unvaccinated staff who have to isolate after coming into contact with someone with Covid. tuttavia, staff who have not been jabbed will still ...

My bile rises as I’m asked to move my dying cancer patient out of ICU to make room for an unvaccinated man with Covid

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“I don’t know how you do your job,” is a common sentiment oncologists hear from those who assume that treating cancer must be uniformly depressing. But this is not the whole truth. The real gratification comes from ac...

Quebec health tax for unvaccinated residents prompts fierce Covid debate

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Quebec’s announcement that it will impose a healthcare tax on unvaccinated residents has prompted a fierce debate, as the province looks to salvage its crumbing healthcare system amid the latest wave of the coronaviru...

Notizie Covid in diretta: boosters not viable strategy against new variants, L'OMS avverte; Quebec to impose ‘health tax’ on unvaccinated

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World Health Organization experts call for new vaccines that offer better protection against transmission; Quebec to tax residents who refuse to get Covid jab for non-medical reasons

Protesters rally in Beirut against Covid restrictions for the unvaccinated

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Hundreds of people rallied in Beirut on Saturday to protest against measures imposed against the unvaccinated, saying individuals should have the right to decide whether to be inoculated. Vaccination is not compulsory...

Citigroup to terminate unvaccinated workers under ‘no jab, no job’ policy

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Citigroup is set to begin enforcing its “no jab, no job” policy next week, making it the first Wall Street bank to implement a vaccine mandate. The New York-headquartered bank said in October that it would require all...

Coronavirus: ‘No excuse’ for being unvaccinated, Biden says – video

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Joe Biden has urged people to get vaccinated, saying that vaccines, booster shots and therapeutic drugs have mitigated the danger for the overwhelming majority of Americans who are fully vaccinatedThe US president was...

What to do about the UK’s unvaccinated? No 10’s Covid dilemma

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A growing sense of frustration with people who have not been vaccinated against Covid has been creeping into the speeches of senior government figures from Sajid Javid to Boris Johnson in recent weeks. The health secr...

Approval of new Covid jab raises hopes of persuading Germany’s unvaccinated

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The approval of a new protein-based Covid-19 vaccine by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has led to hopes that it could play an important role in persuading millions of Germans who have refused jabs from existing v...

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