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We aren’t yet into winter but pressure on the NHS is already unsustainable

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I am often surprised when I speak to non-medical friends. They are generally less interested in what is going on, but when they do ask they are surprised to hear that we are still under so much pressure. There is a ge...

Coronavirus regstreeks: UK not seeing ‘unsustainable pressure’ on health service; India administers billionth jab

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UK minister defends refusal to introduce measures to deal with rising cases; India has administered 1bn doses of the Covid vaccine in the country of 1.4bn

Yellowstone had 1m visitors in July alone. That’s unsustainable for US national parks

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National parks have been called America’s best idea, and for good reason. Unlike the castles and cathedrals of Europe, they belong to everyone. They are democracy writ large, where a people otherwise fiercely devoted ...

‘It is unsustainable’: Guardian readers on the crisis of Australian teacher shortages

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Meer as 200 people responded within three days to our callout on the effects of teacher shortages in Australia. Current and former teachers, and some parents, expressed their anguish at what unbearable workloads wer...

Britain warns EU that Northern Ireland protocol unsustainable

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The UK government has warned that the special Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland as they stand are unworkable, in what appears to be a loaded intervention during sensitive talks with the EU on the controversial ...

India is effectively in charge of the developing world’s vaccine supply. That’s unsustainable

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As the UK’s vaccination programme was “knocked off course” due to a delay in receiving five million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from India, a far more chilling reality was unfolding: about a third of all humanity...