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Just when we need them most, farmers face an unsure future. Let’s heed their voices

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La settimana scorsa, it was the news that withdrawal of subsidy might mean the end of many UK farms; and that “furious villagers” were incensed by the success of Jeremy Clarkson’s new farm shop in the Cotswolds. Before that, it...

Unsure which MLS team to support? Try our watchability rankings

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MLS is in a good spot this season. It’s fun, fast and the teams lend fans plenty of reason to tune in, for better or worse. But there are a lot of games. So this highly subjective, very unscientific rankings of teams ...

Richard Ratcliffe still unsure if wife will be released on Sunday

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The husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe said he remains unsure whether she will be released when her prison sentence ends on Sunday. The British-Iranian dual national, who was given five years imprisonment in 2016, io...