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A Banquet review – unnerving body-image horror sparked by eating disorder crisis

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Scots film-maker Ruth Paxton makes a very smart feature debut with this genuinely uncanny psychological horror-satire written by Justin Bull, about body image and the eating disorder from hell. Sienna Guillory is exce...

Mum review – Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s unnerving look at motherhood

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The title of Mum – a fertile-with-ideas play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, writer of the excellent Shakespeare spin-off Emilia (2018) – is singular but refers to three mothers: Nina, whose baby Ben is three months old; Nin...

Kindred review – unnerving pregnancy horror delivers on its promise

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Somewhere between a modern-day gothic horror and a British Get Out, this pregnancy paranoia thriller has a distinctively local flavour to it. The mother-to-be is Charlotte (Tamara Lawrance), and she is not initially ...

‘My novel now feels unnerving’: authors who predicted the pandemic

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A plague that starts with a pangolin, doctors sounding the alarm but not being listened to, countries slow to close their borders, a virus spreading until it’s too late to contain it, a cruise ship of passengers stran...