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Food plan unlikely to beat obesity crisis, leading UK inequalities expert warns

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The focus on personal responsibility rather than official action in the government’s national food strategy is unlikely to tackle the UK’s obesity crisis, a leading authority on public health has said. Sir Michael Mar...

Grim body count unlikely to be enough for Republicans to act on gun reform

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“Enough!” Joe Biden repeated that word 11 times during a televised address to the American people on Thursday night as he lamented how schools and other public places in the US have been turned into “killing fields” b...

Australians unlikely to know cost of scrapped submarines until after election, Peter Dutton says

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Australian voters are unlikely to be told the full cost of scrapping the French submarine deal before the election, with Peter Dutton signalling the negotiations will not be wrapped up until after July. The defence mi...

Birkenstock and Manolo Blahnik: is this the most unlikely fashion pairing ever?

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Sometimes the most exciting collaborations happen when the participants are so distinct that they have no clear connection. For example, no two shoe designers have less overlap than Birkenstock and Manolo Blahnik, the...

Harriet Dart’s unlikely Indian Wells run ended by resurgent Madison Keys

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After the nine greatest days she has ever enjoyed on any tennis court around the world, Harriet Dart’s surprise breakthrough run to the second week of the BNP Paribas Open came to an end in the fourth round on Tuesday...

Russia sends message with Yavoriv strike but attack on Poland unlikely

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Russia’s deadly multiple missile strike on Ukraine’s military base in Yavoriv, less than 15 miles from the border with Poland, was clearly designed to send a message. Not only can Russian forces strike the western lim...

Why a swift economic victory against Russia looks unlikely

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Be ready for a long haul. That was the subtext of Boris Johnson’s message to MPs as he committed to toughening up sanctions against Russia. The warning to prepare for a “protracted struggle” was both timely and approp...

Unlikely Charles knew of alleged ‘cash for honours’ claims, says biographer

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Prince Charles’s biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby, has claimed it is “extraordinarily unlikely” the prince knew of the alleged “cash for honours” scandal, saying the idea he could have been aware “frankly beggars belief”...

Panic is the wrong response to the unlikely prospect of a land invasion in Ukraine

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The west has been fixated for more than two months on Russian preparations to mount a new land invasion of Ukraine. Except, it hasn’t happened – and it’s not likely to happen, at least in the form that’s most commonly...

Sylvia Hoffman: unlikely Team USA bobsledder readies for Olympic debut

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Three years ago, Sylvia Hoffman tried out for NBC’s second season of The Next Olympic Hopeful for one last shot at becoming an Olympic athlete. After tryouts, she laid on a foam roller, stretching out, when she heard ...

‘Havana syndrome’ unlikely caused by hostile foreign power, CIA says

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An initial CIA investigation into the mysterious set of symptoms known as Havana syndrome has found that it is unlikely to be the result of a worldwide campaign of attacks by a foreign power against US diplomats and s...

Notre Dame Disneyfied? Unlikely, but the devil will be in the detail

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There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth a few weeks ago when the Daily Telegraph announced that the renovation of the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral would turn it into a “politically correct Disneyland”. As so...

Covid restrictions unlikely before Christmas but PM watching data ‘hour by hour’

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New Covid restrictions are unlikely to be imposed before Christmas amid deep cabinet divisions but Boris Johnson warned further measures remain on the table, with data on the threat of Omicron monitored “hour by hour”...

UK unlikely to send troops if Russia invades Ukraine, says defence secretary

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It is highly unlikely that Britain or its allies will send troops to defend Ukraine if it is invaded by neighbouring Russia, the defence secretary, Ben Wallace, has said. US intelligence claims that Russia has station...

Covid live: suspected Omicron case found in Germany; UK expert says pandemic ‘reboot’ unlikely

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61 travellers from South Africa test positive for Covid in Netherlands; first European case of B.1.1.529 variant identified in Belgium; travel bans target countries across southern Africa

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