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Covid live: vermeende Omicron-saak in Duitsland gevind; Britse kenner sê pandemie 'herlaai' onwaarskynlik

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61 Reisigers van Suid-Afrika toets positief vir Covid in Nederland; eerste Europese geval van B.1.1.529 variant geïdentifiseer in België; reisverbod teiken lande regoor Suider-Afrika

Channel drownings unlikely to slow exodus from Iraqi Kurdistan

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Were they driven to the freezing shores of Europe by desperation, or did several thousand Kurds instead make the dangerous journey in search of opportunity? As officials in Iraqi Kurdistan grapple with what is driving...

The Unlikely Murderer review – an irresistible, Zodiac-lite Scandi thriller

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Who killed Olof Palme? The Swedish prime minister was shot dead in a Stockholm street in February 1986, and for decades the identity of his killer remained a mystery. Even last year, when the case was finally official...

The Unlikely Murderer to Space Titans: die sewe beste programme om hierdie week te stroom

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Netflix, vanaf Vrydag 5 NovemberStal, stoïese Swede lyk 'n onwaarskynlike plek vir 'n politieke sluipmoord. Maar in 1986, die skietery op premier Olof Palme het een van die grootste polisie-ondersoeke in ...

Interest rate rise unlikely before Christmas, says Bank policymaker

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An interest rate rise before Christmas is unlikely despite rising energy prices and supply shortages that are expected to push inflation towards 5%, according to the Bank of England policymaker Silvana Tenreyro. Setti...

Unvaccinated athletes unlikely to get visas to enter Australia, says Victorian premier

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Unvaccinated tennis players and other athletes are unlikely to get visas to enter Australia, Victoria’s premier Daniel Andrew has said, putting Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open title defence and bid for the grand slam...

Energy crisis: more Treasury support for firms unlikely, suggests Kwarteng

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Die sakesekretaris, Kwasi Kwarteng, has suggested struggling energy and manufacturing companies will not get much more support from the Treasury, saying he was liaising with the chancellor but did not expect billi...

Ben Stokes undergoes second operation on finger but Ashes remain unlikely

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Ben Stokes has undergone a second operation on his long-standing finger injury but remains unlikely to feature in England’s upcoming Ashes squad. Stokes has been on indefinite leave since the end of July in order to f...

Oggendpos: international Christmas travel unlikely, Covid payments to end, video game speedrunning

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Goeie more. Rising Covid cases continue to put pressure on hospitals and health workers. Support payments for workers will end when vaccination rates hit 80%, and political talk on the climate crisis is all “blah bl...

Brexit made an unlikely hero of Angela Merkel for Britain’s remainers

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Angela Merkel is used to being unimpressed by British prime ministers. She was appalled by David Cameron’s casual surrender of influence in Europe, all to placate fringe elements in his party. She was stunned, on firs...

Johnson verwelkom die Amerikaanse reisverbod, maar sê die vordering van die transaksie is onwaarskynlik

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Boris Johnson verwelkom Joe Biden se besluit om die Amerikaanse reisverbod Maandag op te hef terwyl hy hom voorberei om na die Withuis te gaan, maar het gesê vordering met 'n handelsooreenkoms na Brexit is onwaarskynlik, omdat die president 'baie ...

Shopping for pants in Warsaw and more talking points from my unlikely ratings success

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Tonight, England play Poland in Warsaw, the first time they have played them there since October 2012. That was a night that reoccurs in my dreams and nightmares, as well as those of three ex-footballers and several t...

Bidders’ enthusiasm for Morrisons unlikely to be dampened by results

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Morrisons’ rollercoaster ride continues this week as the Bradford-based supermarket updates the market, and its suitors, on how business is doing. A bid battle for the Yorkshire grocer between two US-based private equ...

Dominic Raab: UK intelligence said Kabul ‘unlikely’ to fall this year

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Dominic Raab has said the central assessment of the UK government was that Kabul was “unlikely” to fall in 2021. The UK foreign secretary also disclosed he had overseen high-level talks between the UK and Pakistan to ...

What I learned from an unlikely friendship with an anti-masker

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Aan 11 Maart 2021, I took a selfie at the Baltimore Convention Center and pressed send. I’d just received my first dose of a Covid vaccine. “Feels pretty momentous,” I texted an acquaintance. “It was exactly one year a...

Further Covid lockdowns in UK are now unlikely, says Neil Ferguson

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Prof Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist whose initial modelling helped shape Britain’s coronavirus response, has said future lockdowns are unlikely to be needed to control the spread of the disease in the UK. Egter, ...

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