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Cambridge University halts £400m deal with UAE over Pegasus spyware claims

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The University of Cambridge has broken off talks with the United Arab Emirates over a record £400m collaboration after claims about the Gulf state’s use of controversial Pegasus hacking software, the university’s vice...

Hong Kong University orders removal of Tiananmen Square massacre statue

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The University of Hong Kong has ordered the removal of a statue commemorating protesters killed in China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown. The 8-metre-high (26ft) copper statue was the centrepiece of Hong Kong’s cand...

University defends ‘academic freedoms’ after calls to sack professor

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A university has said it will not tolerate threats to “academic freedoms” after a professor faced calls to be sacked over her views on gender identification. An anonymous group is campaigning to remove Kathleen Stock,...

Bristol University sacks professor accused of antisemitic comments

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The University of Bristol has sacked a sociology professor accused of antisemitic comments following a high-profile investigation and after Jewish students said they felt “unsafe and unprotected” on campus. The univer...

How Lincoln University regenerated the east Midlands city

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When the University of Lincoln was first built on a derelict rail goods yard, it’s said that one of its buildings was designed to be converted into a shopping centre if the university didn’t work out. While that may ...

Students and staff at Durham University complain of ‘apathy’

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Students and staff at the University of Durham have accused management of showing a “culture of apathy” towards bullying and harassment. They said the university’s leaders had allowed “abuses of power, bullying or har...

Britain’s Covid-era university students may suffer ‘impostor syndrome’

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New students are more likely to suffer “impostor syndrome” because they have won their place at university on the back of teacher-assessed A-level grades and not exams, a new study has warned. Undergraduates arriving ...

Russia shooting: gunman kills eight people at Perm State University

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A gunman has opened fire at a university in Russia, leaving eight people dead and 24 hurt. The suspect was detained after the shooting at Perm State University on Monday morning, according to the interior ministry. Th ...

UK university staff to vote on strike action in coming academic year

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University staff are to be balloted on strike action in the coming academic year, reigniting their battle with employers over steep cuts to pension benefits just as campuses recover from the effects of Covid disruptio...

The Guardian University Guide 2022 – the rankings

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UK university staff: how to do you feel about working on campus?

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As a new academic year approaches, we would like to hear from university staff across all parts of the UK – including academics, administrators and professional services staff – about working on campus and teaching in...

Cambridge University master resigns over handling of harassment case

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The master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, has resigned over an allegation that he mishandled sexual harassment complaints in 2017, after an independent inquiry recommended the college initiate disciplinary act...

A-level students: have you lost out on a university place?

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We’d like to hear from pupils who have been unable to secure a university place they’d been hoping for this year, after teacher assessed grades saw 70% of independently educated pupils get As or A*s, versus 39% at sta...

Berlin’s university canteens go almost meat-free as students prioritise climate

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Students at universities in Berlin will from this winter swap currywurst and schnitzel for seeds and pulses, as campus canteens in the German capital make heavy cuts to their meat and fish options. Die 34 canteens and...

Chinese university appears to ask for lists of LGBTQ+ students for ‘investigation’

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A well-known Chinese university appears to have asked its colleges to make lists of their LGBTQ+ students and report on their “state of mind”, according to a purported internal directive published online on both Chine...

The Chair review – Sandra Oh is first class in moreish university satire

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For those of us who waited desperately over the increasingly dour Killing Eve for Sandra Oh to be able to show her comic as well as dramatic druthers (and whatever can be said about the essentially emetic Grey’s Anato...

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