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Universal credit deductions of up to 25% pushing people into poverty, says report

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Ministers are pushing people into poverty and debt through a policy that allows universal credit payments to be cut by up to 25%, a report by the Lloyds Bank Foundation has found. With the cost of living crisis alread...

Universal credit rise lifted 400,000 children out of poverty, i dati mostrano

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Di 400,000 children in the UK were lifted out of poverty during the first year of the pandemic because of the government’s £6bn universal credit boost, official figures have revealed, amid warnings benefit cuts cou...

Scientists creating universal e-scooter sound to help pedestrians detect them

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A universal sound for e-scooters is being developed by scientists at the University of Salford working with the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) to help pedestrians hear the oncoming vehicles. The sile...

PM promises to examine raising universal credit in line with inflation

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Boris Johnson promised to examine a proposal to increase universal credit in line with inflation, as he was grilled by a high-powered committee of MPs over the cost of living crisis. Questioning the prime minister as ...

Millions will be worse off with below-inflation universal credit rise, dire esperti

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Nine million low income families will be £500 a year worse off on average after the planned below-inflation increase in universal credit and other means-tested benefits are introduced in April, dicono gli esperti. The Joseph...

Universal basic income can be the worst of all worldsbut ‘free money’ schemes do work

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It is the unspoken promise of parenthood, the deal millions make as their fledglings fly the nest: that in an emergency, they can always come fluttering back. Even if they never have to cash that unwritten cheque, jus...

E-scooter firms to develop universal warning sound after collisions

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E-scooters could all be given the same distinctive artificial sound to warn people when they are approaching, after engineers and rival operators announced a joint research project to identify the best noise for them ...

Universal credit claimants face tough sanctions in UK job crackdown

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Unemployed workers will be forced to take up a job in any sector or face swift financial sanctions under a crackdown designed to fill hundreds of thousands of vacancies in sectors from social care to construction, min...

La California potrebbe diventare il primo stato degli Stati Uniti a offrire assistenza sanitaria universale ai residenti

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La California sta valutando la creazione del primo finanziato dal governo, sistema sanitario universale negli Stati Uniti per i residenti statali. La proposta, che i legislatori inizieranno a discutere martedì, adotterebbe una sanità a pagamento unico...

Ex-MP Charlie Elphicke jailed for sexual assault now claiming universal credit

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The disgraced former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has said he is in a “very difficult and embarrassed position” of being on universal credit and unable to pay £35,000 following his sentence for sexually assaulting...

Budget 2021: Sunak softens universal credit cuts to tackle squeeze on families

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Rishi Sunak has bowed to intense pressure by partly reversing universal credit cuts as he announced measures in the budget to deal with a squeeze on households this winter, with lower alcohol and fuel duties. In a bud...

Budget 2021 vivere: Sunak reduces universal credit taper and cuts air passenger, fuel and alcohol duties

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: chancellor says universal credit taper rate cut to 55% a partire dal 63% as he sets out tax and spending plans

Tory peers to make last-ditch effort to reverse universal credit cut

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Conservative peers will launch a last-ditch attempt to force the government to reverse the £20 a week universal credit cut on the eve of Rishi Sunak’s budget next week. Philippa Stroud will table an amendment to the s...

Keir Starmer: universal credit cut is an attack on the poorest

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Boris Johnson has been accused by Keir Starmer of “turning on the poorest” as Britain eases out of the Covid crisis by scrapping the £20 universal credit uplift, which the Labour leader committed to replacing. Backing...

Marcus Rashford: universal credit cut comes at ‘most difficult’ time

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Marcus Rashford has said the government should not be ending the universal credit uplift at a time when poor families are facing potentially their most difficult period of the pandemic amid rising costs of living. Il...

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