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Tory peers to make last-ditch effort to reverse universal credit cut

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Conservative peers will launch a last-ditch attempt to force the government to reverse the £20 a week universal credit cut on the eve of Rishi Sunak’s budget next week. Philippa Stroud will table an amendment to the s...

Keir Starmer: universal credit cut is an attack on the poorest

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Boris Johnson has been accused by Keir Starmer of “turning on the poorest” as Britain eases out of the Covid crisis by scrapping the £20 universal credit uplift, which the Labour leader committed to replacing. Backing...

Marcus Rashford: universal credit cut comes at ‘most difficult’ time

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Marcus Rashford has said the government should not be ending the universal credit uplift at a time when poor families are facing potentially their most difficult period of the pandemic amid rising costs of living. Die...

The universal credit cut is the end point of years of ‘welfare’ cruelty

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Here it comes. This Wednesday, the Department for Work and Pensions will finally end the £20-a-week “uplift” to universal credit introduced in March 2020. The cut will hit different households at different times, maar ...

Universal credit cut will cost carers for disabled £1,000 a year

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Meer as 300,000 unpaid carers of disabled people face a £1,000 annual benefit cut from next month due to the withdrawal of the universal credit uplift, as pressure grows on the government over the cost of living cri...

Universal credit cut will lead to more UK children in care – study

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Oor 1,500 additional UK children a year would be removed from their families and taken into care as a result of the explosion in child poverty caused by the removal of the £20-a-week universal credit uplift, a study...

Ons moet hierdie wrede universele kredietverlaging op enige manier teenstaan

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Die dreigement dat die verheffing van £ 20 tot universele krediet onttrek word, druk baie op die gewete van baie van ons (Die universele kredietverlaging is verregaande, maar hierdie gevoelloosheid is niks nuuts nie, 22 September)....

Johnson weier om te sê of hy van basiese universele kredietvergoeding kan lewe

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Boris Johnson het die regering se planne om universele krediet te verminder verdedig, terwyl hy geweier het om te sê of hy kan lewe op die basiese betaling van £ 118 per week. Ondervra deur verslaggewers tydens sy reis na die VSA ...

Ministers consider plan to ease £20-a-week universal credit cut

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Ministers are examining a £1bn-a-year increase in benefit payments to cushion the impact of the imminent £6bn-a-year cut in universal credit. After growing pressure to reverse the £20-a-week cut, the Treasury is looki...

Gordon Brown: universal credit cut ‘vindictive and indefensible’

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Gordon Brown has called the government’s decision to cut £20 a week from universal credit the most “socially divisive and morally indefensible” policy he has witnessed in UK politics, saying it was being pursued with ...

Die universele kredietverlaging is verregaande, maar hierdie gevoelloosheid is niks nuuts nie

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Volgende maand, universal credit will be cut back by £20 to its pre-pandemic level. A policy that will – by the admission of the government’s own internal analysis – likely cause “catastrophic” suffering, pushing 800,000 ...

Vertel ons: how will you be affected by the cut to Universal Credit?

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Boris Johnson has been warned that more than 800,000 people risk being plunged into poverty as a result of an imminent cut to Universal Credit. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to end the £20-a-week increase of Univ...

Universal Music chief predicts billions of dollars of growth from digital listening

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The chief executive of Universal Music has said the hotly anticipated €40bn flotation of the world’s largest record company this week does not mark the peak of the streaming-led recovery of the music industry, with bi...

Universele kredietverlaging sal stoot 800,000 mense in armoede, Boris Johnson het gewaarsku

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Boris Johnson word vandag gewaarsku dat meer as 800,000 mense loop die risiko om in armoede gedompel te word as gevolg van 'n dreigende afname in universele krediet, te midde van 'n komplot van senior Tories om die regering tot 'n laaste minuut te dwing..

‘Unconscionable’ universal credit cut breaks human rights law, says UN envoy

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Cutting universal credit by £20 a week is an “unconscionable” move that breaches international human rights law and is likely to trigger an explosion of poverty, the United Nations’ poverty envoy has said. In an excor...

Universal credit cut is a cruel blow for the poor

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Jou hoofartikel (14 September) is correct in highlighting the link between access to affordable social housing and childcare as a determining factor in childhood poverty. But with its focus on the imminent removal of t...

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