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Leicester v Manchester United, Manchester City v Burnley – live!

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United Nations withdraws Matt Hancock job offer

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Matt Hancock, the former UK health secretary, will no longer become a special envoy for the United Nations after the job offer was withdrawn. Hancock had said he was “honoured” to be working with the UN’s Economic Com...

Newcastle United sale is a new low in football’s corruption by money

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Barney Ronay is right that “English football has reached a particular kind of extreme” by agreeing to the Saudi takeover of Newcastle United (Newcastle’s Saudi takeover will cause faux morality of football to collapse...

Glazersheritage-hawking risks making Manchester United a 90s theme park

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“It’s a write-off.” “A write-off of what?” “Jerry, all these big companies, they write off everything.” “You don’t even know what a write-off is.” “Do you?” “No.” When the business affairs of the Glazer family are me...

WSL derby against United ‘perfect’ to kickstart Man City’s season, says Taylor

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Manchester City Women’s manager, Gareth Taylor, admits to not knowing how much pressure he is under as a result of the team’s poor start but believes Saturday’s derby at Manchester United is the “perfect game” to begi...

The Saudi takeover of Newcastle United is a symptom of England’s political failures

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Sokker, no longer merely the national game, is England’s political theatre. The way in which the spasm of fan protest stopped the European Super League in its tracks in April, and which the prime minister erroneousl...

Magnificent Mo Salah and Manchester United stumble again – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Jonathan Wilson and Troy Townsend to review the weekend’s Premier League action How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to ...

Park Ji-sung urges Manchester United fans not to sing chant with ‘racial insult’

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The former Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-sung has urged the club’s fans to stop singing a song about him that contains a negative stereotype about his homeland of South Korea. Park told the club’s official pod...

Manchester United potential still not realised as Everton do more with less

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Lewis Dobbin and Charlie Whitaker were veterans of a combined total of one minute’s senior football for Everton. They were the attacking options on Rafa Benítez’s bench. Their Manchester United counterparts were Crist...

Everton’s Andros Townsend wins point against toothless Manchester United

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For a team boasting a cornucopia of glittering talents Manchester United are proving oddly toothless. This was the same tale as last Saturday’s loss to Aston Villa and Wednesday’s smash-and-grab win over Villarreal – ...

Manchester United 2-1 Villarreal: Champions League – live reaction!

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored a 95th-minute winner to complete Manchester United’s comeback at Old Trafford

Saudi Arabia takeover of Newcastle United will be decided in January

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The controversial Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle United is set to be approved if the club can prove the Gulf kingdom will not be a director of the club. That issue is due to be determined in early January whe...

United Airlines set to fire nearly 600 workers for defying vaccine mandate

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United Airlines has said nearly 600 US-based employees are facing termination after failing to comply with the carrier’s vaccination policy. In early August, the company became the first US airline to require Covid-19...

Gerónimo Rulli: ‘I never thought about United, De Gea – I hit it with all my soul’

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“‘Gero, don’t screw it up. Just stick it in.’” Gerónimo Rulli puts himself back on the spot and smiles. “And that’s what happened," hy sê. All that and it came to this, to him. One shot that would be for ever. Wel,...

Coronavirus live nuus: New Zealand cases jump; unvaccinated United Airlines staff face losing jobs

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Nieu -Seeland berig 45 gevalle, more than five times previous day’s total; United Airlines says nearly 600 workers have not complied with vaccination policy

Solskjær responds to Neville: ‘pressure is a privilege’ at Manchester United

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Ole Gunnar Solskjær accepts managing Manchester United is a “results business” and is confident of arresting a run of three defeats in four games, though he will have to do so without Harry Maguire, who will be out fo...

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