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Nursing unions around world call for UN action on Covid vaccine patents

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Nursing unions in 28 countries have filed a formal appeal with the United Nations over the refusal of the UK, EU and others to temporarily waive patents for Covid vaccines, saying this has cost huge numbers of lives i...

All Blacks demolish USA Eagles but rugby union’s flag is flying in States

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At FedEx Field, just outside Washington, American rugby set out its stall to host the Rugby World Cup. The crowd cheered, the Star-Spangled Banner flew . . . and New Zealand scored many tries. That was predictable an...

Los sindicatos advierten sobre el 'invierno del caos' sin una acción urgente para frenar a Covid

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Dirigentes sindicales que representan 3 millones de trabajadores de primera línea han advertido que el gobierno corre el riesgo de "otro invierno de caos" si no se toman medidas urgentes para frenar la propagación de Covid, incluido el uso obligatorio de máscara ...

UK unions call for tighter Covid safety measures in schools as cases surge

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Unions have called on the government to stop “standing by” and reinstate safety measures at schools to prevent further disruption to education this winter as the rate of Covid surges among teenagers. The spread of the...

Unions vote down local Labour parties’ call to axe first past the post

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A much-anticipated motion at the Labour conference motion proposing to embrace proportional representation (PR) for future elections has been defeated as overwhelming support from local parties met opposition from mas...

‘A dark legacy’: unions voice fears over global logistic firm’s spinoff

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The pandemic has been a boon to XPO Logistics, the transport giant that delivers the goods for a global companies including retailers from Asos and Walmart. It reported record revenues of $5bn (£3.6bn) last quarter as...

Las preocupaciones de los sindicatos podrían retrasar la reorganización de las normas laborales de Keir Starmer

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Keir Starmer podría verse obligado a retrasar los planes de reformas del Partido Laborista en medio de la resistencia de sindicatos clave, que han dicho que necesitan más tiempo para consultar sobre planes para reescribir las reglas de elección de liderazgo. El guardián ...

‘No one may be compelled’: Zimbabwe unions go to court over Covid jabs

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Thousands of workers in Zimbabwe have been told they will face the sack if they refuse to be vaccinated with one of the Covid-19 jabs, according to the country’s biggest worker’s union. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade ...

The Guardian view on Sharon Graham: a new boss reveals the state of the unions

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The surprise election of Sharon Graham to head Britain’s biggest trade union, Unite, is more about the labour movement than the Labour party. Her victory represents a desire to make organised labour matter rather than...

Unions criticise English schools ‘more normal year’ campaign as naive

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A new government campaign urging students in England to have twice-weekly Covid tests for “a more normal year” at school and college has been labelled as naive by school union leaders. The campaign includes an Olympic...

Classrooms in England ‘urgently’ need air filters, school unions say

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Classrooms in England need air filters and monitoring devices fitted to protect children from Covid-19 and avoid further disruption to their learning, school unions have told the education secretary, Gavin Williamson....

Tunisia unions call for president to form new government

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Tunisia’s powerful UGTT trade union body has urged the country’s president, Kais Saied, to form a new government, nearly two weeks after he assumed executive power and sacked the prime minister. Saied also suspended p...

Ball in Warren Gatland’s court after a week that laid bare rugby union’s ugly side

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If Lions tours are supposed to spread the Gospel of Rugby, they best choose somewhere else to go. If they are to satisfy the bloodlust of the already converted, then why play anyone else? This match, like the last – i...

Unions could have helped to avoid this ‘pingdemic’ mess – but no one asked them

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La semana pasada, as the country was hitting peak “pingdemic”, I met key workers, in places ranging from food plants to care homes, in Manchester. They had been clapped and thanked many times, including by the prime minister...

Pay freeze for England’s teachers a ‘slap in the face’, decir sindicatos

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Teachers in England are to get no pay rise this year, el gobierno ha confirmado, sparking fury from unions who described it as “an insult” and a “slap in the face” after all their efforts during the pandemic. The s...

Terminar el plan de licencia demasiado pronto podría dañar la recuperación, dicen sindicatos

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Terminar el plan de licencias demasiado pronto podría dañar la recuperación y aumentar el desempleo, Los sindicatos advirtieron cuando las cifras oficiales mostraron que el número de trabajadores en el esquema en mayo cayó a un ritmo más lento de lo esperado..

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