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Dead coral found at Great Barrier Reef as widespread bleaching event unfolds

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Dead corals are being recorded in aerial surveys across the Great Barrier Reef in what the marine park’s chief scientist says is a widespread and serious bleaching event on the world heritage icon. Aerial surveys have...

‘The world needs to stand with us’: UK Afghans watch on as tragedy unfolds

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Not eating, not sleeping, and checking WhatsApp and social media feeds every second has become the reality for many Afghans in the UK. They are frantic with worry but say all they can do is stand by and witness the un...

Video of George Floyd’s killing retraumatizes many as trial unfolds

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The public has been able to livestream the murder trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin since Monday, as searing video of George Floyd and wrenching testimony from distressed witnesses who watched him die filled th...