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Spanish police seize underwater drones designed to carry drugs

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Police in Spain have broken up a gang that was allegedly building semi-submersible drones each capable of ferrying up to 200kg of drugs across the strait of Gibraltar. The Policía Nacional arrested eight people in Cád...

Silt review – a Lynchian underwater nightmare

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Down in the black-and-white depths, dreadful things seek to eviscerate you. Silt is an underwater adventure in which nightmarish creatures regularly dart from the darkness to deliver sudden death, causing you to appro...

Watch out for the Sharkcano! What happens when an underwater volcano erupts?

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Naam: Sharkcano. Ouderdom: The first recorded eruption of Kavachi, a submarine volcano, was in 1939, but it’s almost certainly been around longer than that. You’d think someone would have noticed. True, but it is underwate...

Josh Frydenberg: Josh Frydenberg

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Josh Frydenberg. Josh Frydenberg. Tussen 2010 en 2013 Josh Frydenberg, Josh Frydenberg.

Tonga underwater volcanic eruption creates tsunami waves – video

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Tsunami waves caused by an underwater volcano have hit Tonga’s capital and the capital of American Samoa. The eruption at 0410 GMT on Friday of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano, located about 65km (40 ...

Tsunami hits Tonga after underwater volcanic eruption

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People have been forced to flee their homes, and streets and buildings have flooded, as tsunami waves crashed into Tonga’s main island of Tongatapu, following a huge underwater volcano explosion. The eruption at 0410 ...

An underwater concert with pool noodle seats: drippy idea or splashy fun?

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The line between novel and novelty could have been easily crossed last night at Andrew (Seuntjie) Charlton Pool at Woolloomooloo Bay. Floors Of Heaven: Submersive Study is a 45 minute dip in a 50m outdoor saltwater pool as...

Die Rescue-oorsig – duikers red Thaise grotkinders aangesien dokumentêr diep onder die water gaan

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Mede-regisseurs en ekstreme sport-entoesiaste Jimmy Chin en Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi het kranse-uitbuitings gedek met hul dokumentêre films Free Solo (oor 'n solo-beklimming van Yosemite-rotsvlak El Capitan) en Mer...

Underwater footage shows La Palma volcano ash covering marine life – video

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Footage shows how the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption has affected the marine ecosystem at the lava delta. Habitats are seen covered by volcanic ash and lava landslides down to depths of 400 metres in La Palma. The delt...

Submarine robot captures underwater footage of ancient Roman ship laden with wine jars – video

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An ancient Roman ship carrying a cargo load of wine jars, or amphorae, has been found underwater in the Mediterranean Sea off the Italian island of Sicily. The vessel was discovered during an underwater reconnaissance...

Huge two-day underwater avalanche sent mud 1,000km into ocean

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A vast underwater avalanche sent mud and sand more than 1,000km out into the ocean over the course of two days, rupturing submarine cables and disrupting internet traffic on Africa’s western coast, scientists have rev...

Isabella Nichols ontsnap nadat WSL-branderplankryers onder water vang

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Die Australiese branderplankryer Isabella Nichols het 'n eng oomblik verduur nadat sy tydens haar ronde onder die water vasgevang was 16 hitte by die Margaret River Pro. Nichols had just completed a wave on Tuesday when she was pu...

California’s legacy of DDT waste: underwater dump site uncovers a toxic history

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The discovery of tens of thousands of underwater barrels containing what scientists believe to be chemical waste has raised alarm and reopened scrutiny into a history of toxic dumping that persisted off the California...

Smuggler’s ordeal ends after a cross-border chase with an underwater vehicle and 185lb of marijuana

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A Canadian man who was found unconscious and tethered to 185lb (84kg) of marijuana in the Detroit River has been sentenced to about six years in a US prison. Glen Mousseau was arrested in June, in a case which reveale...