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Alone under siege: how older women are being left behind in Ukraine

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Halyna Vasylivna lives alone in a tiny “Khrushchevka” flat. A 94, she has outlived her sons and her husband, and her grandchildren live outside the city. Her apartment, named after the Soviet leader under whom the fi...

Manhunt under way in Texas after convicted murderer escapes prison bus

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A convicted murderer serving a life prison sentence in Texas stabbed a transport bus driver and escaped Thursday, setting off a frantic manhunt that was ongoing more than a day later. The getaway happened as officers ...

The Guardian view on Shireen Abu Aqleh: press freedom under attack

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The shooting of Al Jazeera’s Shireen Abu Aqleh – one of the Arab world’s best-known journalists – is not only a sad and devastating blow to friends and admirers, but a deadly reminder that press freedoms in the Holy L...

Juicio de 'Wagatha Christie': Rebekah Vardy acusada de arrojar a un amigo 'debajo del autobús'

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Rebekah Vardy ha sido acusada de arrojar a su exagente y amiga “debajo de un autobús” en un último intento desesperado por salvar su reputación en el juicio por difamación de “Wagatha Christie”.. La esposa del futbolista fue acusada, durante el....

Bajo Boris Johnson, los derechos de las mujeres trabajadoras se han convertido en una broma débil

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Todos merecen ser tratados justamente en el trabajo. Pero demasiadas mujeres se ven discriminadas por su empleador porque están embarazadas.. Muchos se quedan sin trabajo porque tienen responsabilidades de cuidado..

Juicio de 'Wagatha Christie': Rebekah Vardy niega estar dispuesta a mentir bajo juramento

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Rebekah Vardy ha negado estar dispuesta a mentir bajo juramento en el juicio por difamación de “Wagatha Christie”, ya que admitió permitir que su agente acceda a las publicaciones privadas de Instagram de Coleen Rooney. Testificando el miércoles, el s ...

The Kyiv unit patrolling the streets as law and order cracks under war

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The call came around midnight. There was a suspicious man poking around a rundown complex of garages and workshops, police had heard a gunshot and so they wanted backup. The men of the Maidan group rolled out of the b...

Boris Johnson under renewed pressure after damaging local election losses

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Boris Johnson’s leadership is facing fresh peril after senior Conservatives blamed him for losing swaths of the party’s southern heartlands to the Liberal Democrats and flagship London boroughs to Labour. In a punishi...

Officer under investigation after man is fatally struck by police car

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A police officer is being investigated for potential driving offences following the death of a man who was hit by a police car. The incident occurred in Peacehaven, East Sussex, just after 11.10pm on Saturday. Arthur ...

New York teacher under investigation for cotton-picking lesson

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School officials in Rochester, New York are investigating allegations that a white teacher told his class of mostly Black students to pick seeds out of cotton and put on handcuffs during lessons on slavery in a sevent...

Grant Shapps under fire for bizarre videos and ‘zero interest’ in railways

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He’s the unflappable frontman and loyal defender of the errant “big dog” in Downing Street. Through the lens of Conservative politics, the transport secretary Grant Shapps is on a winning streak. But as crisis looms i...

MLB bans Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer for two full seasons under sexual assault policy

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Major League Baseball has suspended Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer without pay for two full seasons under its domestic violence and sexual assault policy. Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced the puni...

Moderna asks US to authorize Covid-19 vaccine for children under age six

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Moderna on Thursday asked US regulators to authorize low doses of its Covid-19 vaccine for children younger than six, a long-awaited move toward potentially making injections available for millions of children by summ...

TechScape: 25 tweet-long takes on Twitter’s future under Elon Musk

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1. OK, I was wrong: I really thought Musk was bullshitting. But he is, as tech analyst Benedict Evans puts it, “a bullshitter who delivers”. He doesn’t care if things are true when he says them, but sometimes makes th...

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