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Hungry badger may have uncovered Roman coins in Spanish cave

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A trove of 209 Roman coins in a cave in northern Spain – hailed by researchers as an “exceptional find” – is believed to have been uncovered by a badger desperately foraging for food. The coins, dating from between t...

Recently uncovered software flaw ‘most critical vulnerability of the last decade’

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A critical vulnerability in a widely used software tool – one quickly exploited in the online game Minecraft – is rapidly emerging as a major threat to organizations around the world. “The internet’s on fire right no...

David Squires on … football conspiracy theories uncovered

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Our resident cartoonist puts on his tin foil hat and reveals some shocking football-related conspiracies Tue 23 Mar 2021 07.24 EDT Last m...

Uncovered: money-saving perks you might have without knowing it

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There are few things better than a discount or a special offer, but while you look out for vouchers and deals, you may have a number of valuable perks available that you are unaware of or not using to your full advant...