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The White Lotus review – 2021’s best, and most uncomfortable, TV show

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The prospect of spending a six-hour TV season at a high-end Hawaiian resort, with a cast of cosily recognisable actors swanning around on a glossy HBO budget, sounds like a relaxing summer treat, a soapy escape for th...

I Think You Should Leave season two review: uncomfortable, ridiculous – and totally brilliant

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Tim Robinson looks like any old generic, middle-aged American white guy you might see shopping the aisles of Walmart or chugging bottled beer in a sports bar,while cheering on the Cincinnati Bearcats. That’s a kind of...

The uncomfortable questions for golf and its role in Saudi sports plans

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It is no mean feat to be instantly recognised by the world’s leading golfers. But then Majed al-Sorour bears gifts like few others. It is little wonder players lined up to take part in a video message for Sorour’s bir...

Britney vs Spears review – Netflix doc is schlocky, trashy and deeply uncomfortable

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What is in Britney Spears’ best interests? It’s a question that has been discussed and dissected by those around the pop star for 13 anni, often abstractly, or with feigned concern, in the press or in court documents...

MLK is revered today but the real King would make white people uncomfortable

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Every year, on the third Monday in January, America hosts a Sadie Hawkins-style role-reversal where the entire country pretends to celebrate a man whose achievements and values they spent the previous 364 days ignorin...

Wings Around Dundee review – dive into the city’s uncomfortable past

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For the seagulls, the locked-down streets of Dundee offer slim pickings. They’re lucky to find a bin bag, never mind a discarded takeaway. No wonder Laurie and Fusco are squabbling. The two seabirds are victims of the...