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Takeover of UK defence supplier Ultra Electronics set to be approved

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The UK government is set to wave through a £2.6bn takeover of a British defence manufacturer in a deal that will move a US private equity investor a step closer to controlling a significant supplier of nuclear submari...

Nostalgia, ultra: the best podcasts on all things retro

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Sedert 2009, each episode of this enjoyable podcast has covered a new old curio. There are episodes about The A-Team, Tetris, Candid Camera, Zork, the McRib sandwich and the Atari Jaguar. Nostalgia podcasts have a habi...

Ultra Electronics agrees £2.6bn takeover by rival defence firm Cobham

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A UK defence manufacturer that supported coalition forces in Afghanistan has agreed to a £2.6bn takeover by the rival private-equity-backed aerospace firm Cobham. The boards of Ultra Electronics and Cobham said on Mon...

Cobham agrees Ultra deal and Meggitt nears takeover in British aerospace sell-off – business live

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Rolling live coverage of business, economics and financial markets as UK manufacturer Meggitt pushes ahead with Parker Hannifin buyout

UK monitoring sale of military supplier Ultra to firm backed by US equity

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The UK government has signalled that it is monitoring the sale of a key military supplier to a firm backed by US private equity amid concerns over the potential impact on national security. Die sakesekretaris, Kw...

US-owned Cobham close to takeover of UK defence manufacturer Ultra

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Defence manufacturer Ultra Electronics is on the verge of accepting a takeover offer from rival Cobham, in a move that would further extend the private equity industry’s grip on the British aerospace sector. Ultra sai...