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The Guardian view on Ukraine’s independence celebration: shadowed by insecurity

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Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, could be forgiven for cursing his luck as the country celebrates the 30th anniversary of its independence from the former Soviet Union. Martedì, Mr Zelenskiy presided over ...

‘I shot someone else’s target’: Ukraine’s Serhiy Kulish suffers Olympic blunder

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The Ukrainian shooter Serhiy Kulish missed out on a medal after committing one of the most extraordinary howlers at the Tokyo Olympics by hitting an opponent’s target. Kulish, who won silver in the 10m air rifle event...

‘We are not afraid’: Ukraine’s media get ready for England showdown

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“We respect the English national team. But we are not afraid,” read a defiant headline on Thursday in Vysoky Zamok, a daily newspaper from Lviv in western Ukraine. Propelled into the Euro 2020 quarter-finals by sheer ...

Dumfries heads Netherlands to 3-2 win and denies Ukraine’s dream comeback

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Denzel Dumfries’s 85th-minute header ruined Ukraine’s comeback and gave the Netherlands the perfect start to their 10th European Championship challenge, with victory to match Austria’s earlier in the day. Roman Yaremc...

Ukraine’s football kit with map featuring Crimea causes outrage in Russia

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Russian officials have reacted angrily after the head of Ukraine’s football association unveiled a new national team shirt emblazoned with a map of Ukraine that includes Crimea. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2...